Are MacBook Pros Water Resistant?

One of the worst scenarios is the moment when you realize that the MacBook Pro you love so much is not damaged with water. but wait, I’m sure some Macbook Pro’s are water-resistant?

In short, Macbook pro’s are not waterproof nor are they water-resistant. Spilling water, coffee, or any other liquid into the device can cause major issues and ensure that the laptop is nonfunctional.

It is always recommended that once you identify a small splash of water or any other liquid to your laptop you should immediately contact Apple support or directly go to their store to see if you could potentially do anything beforehand to reduce the damage already incurred.

Are Macbook Pros Water Resistant?

MacBook Pros are not water-resistant and are very sensitive to even small splashes of water. Unlike AirPods and Apple watches where there are levels of resistance based on IP water-resistant levels for each device, MacBook Pro is not operated the same way, you can find out more here.

MacBook Pro’s are sensitive towards water damage and whether you don’t see any critical signs of concern it is always recommended to check with Apple or an authorized repair partner to double-check for further issues which would also ensure that you have a piece of mind.

Process for water damaged Macbook Pro

If you’re already in a situation where your laptop has small splashes of water then follow this process so that you are doing your part in saving your mac as soon as possible.

  • Unplug everything and anything that is attached to the laptop whether that is power plug, usb, headphones.
  • Hard power off the laptop and hold until you see the laptop turn off. – Ensure that the laptop is dry at this point.
  • Do not turn on the laptop until you see a specialist as keeping the laptop off ensures that the water evaporates
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There are few experts that recommend waiting for 48 hours before going to see an Apple genius and turning on the laptop. Our recommendation is to go to the authorized repair or directly to Apple once the two steps are completed. Or if you feel that you want someone to talk you through the process contact Apple support immediately when this happens and they should be able to advise on the next steps.

Protecting yourself from these accidents?

Though I am a big believer in just looking after your devices and avoiding any accidental damage as insurance can be costly, I am obliged to let you know the possible options if these types of things happen due to Deetrain authenticity with users.

For accidental damage such as water and others you’re able to get the AppleCare+ for mac which comes with expert technical support as well as hardware coverage and up to two accidental damage for protects every 12 months. This cost £79 excess fee or £229 for other damages. You can find more information here.

Can water ruin a MacBook?

Though the laptop that spilled on the laptop doesn’t necessarily mean the device is ruined and messed up for good. You’ll need to act fast when this happens and follow the procedure above to save your laptop from getting damaged for good and losing your work. The main task is to always turn off your laptop as soon s there is water damage.

Is MacBook m1 waterproof?

The fundamental difference between the M1 chip and Macbook Pro is that Apple is using its own CPU chip instead of the classic Intel chip.

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Most laptops are not water-resistant they may have fancy names and new features installed on the machine but when a can of coke or water is spilled and enters the device then it is a good recipe for a bad day.

How do you know if your MacBook has water damage?

If whatever reason that you believe you spilled water, soda, energy drink, on your laptop the first thing you should do immediately do is to physically power off the laptop. This should be the first thing you do before anything else. Even if you continue using your device it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in clear and the device it works. it is often the case that in the next few days the laptop will stop working.

Does Apple repair water damaged Macbooks?

Damages to Macbooks or Mac computers and accessories when it comes to liquid explore or accidental damage I snot something Apple offers to its consumers. Apple does not repair or *fix* water-damaged devices. The role of an Apple technician, however, is to carefully assess or determine whether there is enough liquid damage to offer a new MacBook or iPhone to the customer if the right Apple protection insurance plan.

Water damages are not covered by Apple using the Applecare insurance for one year. Don’t panic! Apple would usually swap out the MacBook or iPhone with a new device. This is only with the Applecare+ insurance which covers up to two accidental damage in 12 months.


It is almost always important to ensure that we protect our devices as best as possible to avoid such issues. I would even take it a further step to make sure that all of my files folders and important documents are synchronised to the cloud so even if my laptop is broken for whatever reason, I would still have the ability to go to any other device and access my work from somewhere else.

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Moreover, there are a few ways in making sure to avoid the risk of drowning your laptop in water which was heavily discussed in this article. The most important lesson is to act fast and follow the procedure if there is a doubt of water damage and contacting Apple support team for next steps.

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