How Long Does It Take To Become AWS Certified?

Considering it is so highly valued by companies, AWS certification is one of the most sought-after credentials available today. You must, however, ensure that you have the necessary time and resources to study for and prepare for these certification exams.

An individual’s ability, motivation, and expertise all play a role in their ability to learn. Depending on the candidate’s level of expertise and knowledge of general IT, it may take up to 2-3 weeks of focused preparation to pass the AWS Certification test.

Because companies so highly value it, AWS certification is one of the most sought-after credentials available today. You must, however, ensure that you have the necessary time and resources to study for and prepare for these certification exams. This blog will cover all you need to know about how long it takes to get AWS certified, including the timeline for completion. It will also look at the main aspects of the AWS test structure in detail.

To Become an AWS Certified Professional, how long does it typically take?

While there are no hard and fast rules for how long it will take to get AWS certified, several methods exist for expediting the process. It’s essential to remember that Amazon Web Offerings continuously upgrades and extends its services, but don’t allow this to deter you from taking advantage of them. There are a variety of options for obtaining your certification as fast as possible.

Assuming you have some prior AWS experience, we would recommend that you devote around 100 hours to prepare for the AWS Exam on average. It would include studying across all of your resources, including the AWS Study Path and any materials you want to use in your studies. 

Full-time work and other responsibilities would typically need you to devote 100 hours of study time for a month. If you are completely new to AWS, we recommend that you devote around 140 hours (or two months) to the necessary preparation.

What is AWS?

Compute resources, databases, and storage are available through Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides various cloud computing services. There are several AWS certifications available. A separate area of cloud services is represented by each certification, which validates knowledge and experience in that domain. Cloud Practitioner, SysOps Administrator Associate, Solutions Architect Associate, and Developer Associate are available credentials. 

Obtaining the Cloud Practitioner cert is a fundamental certificate that demonstrates an individual’s knowledge of general ideas, concepts, and capabilities. The Cloud Fundamentals, Security and Compliance, Technology, and Billing and Pricing fields of expertise are covered in the certification exam, divided into four parts.

There is a range of tools and information available to assist you in preparing for the test. As the owner-manager of the AWS Cloud, Amazon manages and makes available various preparatory tools, including webinars, sample questions, and practice tests, to help you prepare for your exam. 

To schedule a time and location for taking the exam, you must first pick a third-party testing service provider and then locate a test center nearby, or you can opt for the cloud computing standardized test exam option. Applicants must pay the testing cost to complete the transaction after the exam has been booked. Also Learn: Is AWS Difficult?

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Determining The Appropriate AWS Certification:

According to the profession you choose to follow, you must determine which credentials are appropriate for your objectives. Let’s look at the current AWS certificates, what they cover, and whether or not they would be beneficial to you, as well as what you must accomplish to obtain them.

1. AWS Cloud Practitioner

This certification is the most straightforward of all AWS cloud certificates, and it focuses on essential information that managers, sales staff, and financial professionals, for example, require. You should pursue this certification if you do not have advanced technical abilities or want to get a basic understanding of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. 

Furthermore, the training course is only about six hours long and is completely free. Upon completing the course, you will be eligible to sit for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test, which will take 1.5 hours and cost 100 Dollars. There are 65 questions in this test.

  • Basic requirements: Six months of basic AWS cloud knowledge and industry experience is suggested before taking this test.
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Exam Format: Questions with multiple choice answers Principles of deployment and operation.

This certification covers the following topics:

  • AWS architectural fundamentals.
  • AWS value proposition and business use cases
  • AWS’s most important services and typical use cases
  • AWS security and compliance, including the security, shared responsibility model.
  • Principles of deployment and operation
  • Billing, support, and pricing on AWS.

2. AWS Solutions Architect

This certification’s goal is to teach you how to create apps and services from a technical standpoint. You must either be a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner or have completed a one-day workshop called AWS Technical Essentials, during which you will learn about the fundamentals of information technology as well as the requirements for making business decisions about IT solutions. 

On-site training in Architecting on AWS is the foundation of this certification, which takes three days. After completing the course, students can enroll in an extra four-hour test preparation session, during which the exam format, practice tests, and practical suggestions are addressed. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam is the one that you will be permitted to sit for after that. It is crucial to note that the Associate level is the lesser of two possible levels, with the higher level requiring additional courses.

  • Basic Requirements: One year of relevant work experience or comparable studies is required.
  • Exam Duration: 130 Minutes.
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions are included.

This certification covers the following topics:

  • Describes network technologies in the AWS Cloud, as well as their setup and administration
  • AWS-based applications: designing and deploying them, as well as how client interfaces link to AWS
  • Developing secure apps using Amazon Web Services.
  • Developing and deploying solutions that use both on-premises data and AWS components (hybrid).
  • Disaster recovery and data protection are important considerations.
  • The infrastructure and ideas of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
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3. AWS Developer:

The developer position would be responsible for software development for the AWS cloud platform itself. The certification route is similar to that of the AWS Solutions Architect in that it begins with a three-day training course called Programming on AWS. A four-hour test preparation session completes it. 

The AWS Certified Developer certification is obtained by passing an 80-minute test. If you wish to continue down that road, you may work your way up to the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification.

  • Basic Requirement: One year of professional experience.
  • Exam Duration: 130 Minutes.
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions are included.

Some of the abilities you must exhibit to pass this certification test are as follows:

  • Using the key AWS services, their applications, and the fundamental AWS architectural best practices.
  • AWS is used for the development, deployment, and debugging of cloud-based applications.
  • An advanced understanding of at least one programming language is required for this position.
  • The ability to recognize essential characteristics of AWS services.
  • Recognize and understand the AWS shared responsibility concept.
  • Application lifecycle management is something you should be familiar with.
  • The ability to deploy apps on AWS using a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline.
  • The ability to communicate with or utilize AWS services is required.
  • Writing code requires the ability to apply a fundamental grasp of cloud-native apps.
  • Possibility of writing code that adheres to AWS security best practices.
  • AWS provides the ability to write, manage, and troubleshoot code modules.
  • Coding for serverless apps is a rewarding experience.
  • Understanding how containers are used in the programming process is essential.

4. AWS SysOps

It is intended for system administrators who wish to become AWS Certified SysOps certified. An additional year of practical technical experience and theoretical of Amazon Web Services cloud operations is required. Having hands-on expertise with AWS setup, administration, and operations will be extremely beneficial while taking this certification test.

  • Basic Requirements: One year of technical expertise with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Exam Duration: 130 Minutes
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions are included.

The following are examples of competencies that this certification will validate:

  • Data transfer to and from AWS is implemented and controlled using this system.
  • Choosing the most appropriate AWS service based on your computing, data storage, and security requirements are essential.
  • Understand the proper use of Amazon Web Services operational best practices.
  • Estimating AWS consumption costs and identifying operational cost control techniques are two important aspects of this project.

Some of the abilities you must exhibit to pass this certification test are as follows:

  • Hands-on experience in applying security principles, together with a knowledge of security concepts, Security measures, as well as regulatory compliance requirements
  • Knowledge of virtualization technologies is required.
  • Experience in tracking and auditing systems is required.
  • Know-how of networking principles is preferred.
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5. AWS Solutions Architect:

Obtaining the Professional credential demands a high level of technical expertise and hands-on experience in designing AWS-based solutions.

According to their expertise, a skilled AWS architect can assess its business and technology requirements and offer recommendations for its cloud architecture. The Cloud Solutions Architect will subsequently develop, install, and support cloud applications on behalf of an enterprise.

It is preferred that a candidate has a minimum of 2 years of practical experience managing and maintaining AWS systems before being considered for this position.

  • Basic Requirements: Experience in developing and delivering AWS cloud architecture, gained via two years of hands-on work experience
  • Exam Duration: 180 Minutes.
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions are included.

Here are some of the abilities that this exam will test:

  • Best practices for building and architecting AWS applications are outlined in this document.
  • An organization’s needs are assessed, and the finest AWS services are selected based on these findings.
  • Complicated, multi-tier application systems are being moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Knowing how to optimize costs and implement cost-control methods is required.
  • Design and deployment of dynamically scalable and dependable applications on AWS are made possible by this feature.

6. AWS Certified Security

Individuals performing a security function with at least two years of hands-on experience protecting AWS workloads are eligible for specialty certification. AWS Security Foundations addresses the fundamentals of security and recommended practices for security in an organization and how security is applied in AWS instances and environments, among other topics. 

During the examination, you will be assessed on your knowledge of data security and protection, network security, incident response procedures, access control and user management procedures, monitoring procedures, and security logging procedures.

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  • Basic Requirements: Five years of expertise in information technology.
  • Exam Duration: 170 Minutes
  • Exam Format: Multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions are included.

Here are some of the abilities that this exam will test:

  • Security operations and risk assessment knowledge.
  • Understanding of secure Internet protocols and AWS security measures.
  • Working understanding of AWS security services and features.
  • Decision-making skills for a particular set of application needs.
  • 2+ years of production deployment expertise utilizing AWS security services and capabilities.

Wrapping it Up

You might be shocked at how much an exam you must take as part of the certification procedure. After all, it isn’t as if you are receiving a formal education or being granted a government-issued license. Nonetheless, the AWS certification exam will truly test your ability to reason, think on your feet, and utilize AWS to the fullest extent possible. 

This is an excellent method to demonstrate that you are capable of doing all of these things. It is one of the reasons that so many IT professionals are opting to get Amazon Web Services certified.

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