Can I Wear My AirPods In The Shower?

It has been an increasingly common question whether people can wear their AirPods in the shower. The Airpods Pro comes with water resistance, Apple recommends that they should not be worn in the shower as it is not designed for running underwater.

In short, It is not technically possible to wear the Airpods Pro in the shower as it is not designed for such use based on the IPX4 rating that is used by Apple which can only take water splashes and is not heavy water which by default can damage the Airpods Pro.

Although the Airpods Pro can only take small water splashes, this blog post will discuss in much more detail all of the other aspects of why this is and offer some recommendations on how to avoid water or liquid-based items that could damage your Airpods.

Can I wear My Airpods In the Shower?

Standard Airpods Vs Airpods Pro

The biggest difference is that the standard AirPods has no water resistance and the Airpods Pro has an IPX4 sweat and water resistance.

The standard Airpods whether that is first or second generation do not offer any type of water resistance, any water or even accidentally dropping in water can cause major issues.

Apple states that users should not look at Airpods Pro as water resistance because it provides the wrong understanding of where people think it is okay to swim and shower, rather it is better to think of them as splash resistants such as sweat and rain.

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I have created a table below to provide you with a better understanding of the different IP water resistance levels and what they are actually used for.

IPX0The product has no special protection from water
IPX1Can resist water that drips vertically onto a specific product
IPX2Can resist water at a 15° angle or less.
IPX3Can take water splashes from any directions
IPX4resistant to water splashes from any directions
IPX5Resistance a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray
IPX6Can take high pressure and a heavy spray of water
IPX7Can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 mins
IPX8Can be submerged deeper than 1 meter.
IPX9kResists high pressure and high-temperature sprays at close range
Reference has been taken by Jabra

Airpods Pro Are Designed To Take Small Splashes of water

There are no waterproof Airpods at all and the only ones that can take a few splashes such as rain or sweat are the Airpod Pros.

It is also recommended that you should avoid anything that is liquid-based in the bathroom such as liquid soaps, conditioners, and shampoos, oil, perfumes, solvents, as this in fact can affect your AirPods significantly. It has been shown that some water-related problems are possible without having direct contact with water itself. In short, it is much safer to play whatever you listening to out loud instead of using AirPods in the shower.

There are a few tips to keeping your new AirPods pro safe when considering having a shower or putting them through the water.

  • Don’t place your Airpods under running water.
  • Don’t swim with your Airpods.
  • Don’t go into the saunsa or steamroom with your Airpods
  • Do not use your Airpods with any water sports
  • Do not get in contact with liquid items
  • Do not let your Airpods go into the washing machin
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The Airpods Pro are water and sweat resistant but not water proof.


How do I know If My Airpods Pro has water damage

One of the easiest ways to find out whether your Airpods pro is water damaged is by checking your audio levels. Almost always when you try to listen to something or on a call the audio is often distorted.

It is also commented that your AirPods won’t charge as a result of water damage, this may well be another way of identifying your AirPods are water damaged. It is also worthy to note that the more water that enters your Airpods the more likely it will become permanently affect its core functionality and it would be worth contacting Apple support to replace your AirPods.

Avoiding Water Damage

if your Airpods are wet then there is no guarantee that they will keep on working if anything it will slowly diminish the quality of audio. As long as you follow the guidelines above you should be okay.

  • Do not leave your airpods on wet surfaces ( especially after cleaning the kitchen or bathroom)
  • Make sure that you put your Airpods back in your pocket when it starts to rain (even though they are resistant is always better to be safe than sorry)
  • Never leave your Airpods in your pocket in case you wash your clothes and forget it
  • Keep

What are the best ways to replace my Airpods?

In the event that you have tried everything to restore your Airpods back to their functional state then it might be worth getting a replacement. If you are not under warranty you can go to the AirPods Service and Repair section here for repair/replacements. Replacements cost $69 dollars for the standard Airpod and $89 for the Airpods Pro.

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How to solve if my Airpods if it got wet already?

Whether this is the standard AirPods or the new Airpods pro the same method will apply. Firstly, dry your AirPods as quickly as possible using a very soft cloth ensuring that it has fully dried up before placing them back into their case.

Additionally, no matter what articles you’ve read and/or what people have told you it is important to NOT put your AirPods in a bag of rice to dry them. It has been proven that putting wet IPhones or Airpods in rice does not fix the issue, in fact, it can damage your phone further which will ensure that you’ll mess up the opportunities of drying up the Airpods much more effectively.

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