Can Airpods Explode Whilst You Sleep?

You might think, why would anyone in their right mind wear AirPods while going to sleep, is it even comfortable while sleeping, for many this is a silly idea. However, many people do it globally so this blog post will address this question in great detail.

In short, there is no evidence to suggest that using Airpods whilst sleeping can cause long-term health issues. Sleeping with Airpods will not explode whilst sleeping, however, it is recommended that you sleep without them to minimize potential risks.

It is totally understandable that many people use AirPods just before they sleep so that they can relax before they go to sleep and most often most people will fall asleep without realizing it. On the hand, others like to wear it whilst sleeping.

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Can Airpods really explode whilst you sleep?

Many people believe that it is very likely that AirPods can explode in your ear whilst sleeping. According to research, Apple provides one of the best quality standards in the industry to ensure the safety of their consumer. In short, you should know that whilst you sleeping and have AirPods in your ear that it will not explode.

Airpods Comfortability Levels Whilst Sleeping

Many people who sleep with their Airpods overnight have mentioned that it can be uncomfortable in the middle of the night. This is because when they twist and turn in the middle of the night, their AirPods would drop out of their ear and it would be hard for them to find them in the morning. Others also say, the Airpods stay but as they twist and turn the Airpod goes deeper into their ear which causes ear pain in the morning.

What are some of the benefits of Airpods?

There are countless benefits that Airpods can bring to you and it can even be argued that it will also

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode. You can also touch and hold the volume slider in Control Center on your iPhone to change modes. Designed to keep up with you, AirPods pros are sweat and water-resistant,2 and they feature an expanded mesh microphone port that improves call clarity in windy situations.

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Some benefits of Sleeping with Airpods

As it stands, Apple Airpods offer a fast and reliable wireless connection to all of your devices which include and are not limited to Macbook, iPad, iPhone, and much more. It is 2x more fast switching between Apple devices.

  • Airpods knows when you’re listening and when you are not – the optical sensors and motion accelerometers work conjointly so it has good control over the audio experience of the user. If you are listening to something on your MacBook and you take out one ear to speak to someone, it will automatically stop the video/audio and then it will resume again when
  • Airpods know when you’re talking – there is a speech-detecting accelerometer that is able to detect when you’re speaking and works with a beamforming microphone to exclude any external noise and mainly focuses on your voice.
  • Two people can listen to the same song on one device – this is what Apple calls Audio sharing which enables you to share a song or podcast and then audio stream them between two sets of Airpod and they have their own independent volume control.

Some Risks Involved When Sleeping With Airpods

  • Disturbing your sleep – when you’re listening to music, podcast, or an audiobook, your brain will not be at its highest capacity to relax and have a good night’s sleep. As it stands, your brain never really sleeps and so when you listen to something that is dramatic or unexpected it will wake you up in the middle of the night.
  • AirPods are easy to lose – People who sleep with their AirPods whilst sleeping find themselves losing their AirPods in the morning which causes a lot of stress.

Although there is no detailed scientific research to suggest that sleeping with AirPods will have dramatic health issues in the future, there are many cons when it comes Some of these cons have been mentioned above as well as generally having a good night’s sleep.

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Is Sleeping AirPods Bad For You?

As previously mentioned in this blog post, there is no evidence to suggest that Airpods harm your health. However, it can be easily argued that there are many cons to doing such as not having a relaxed and peaceful sleep because of the disturbance of sleep.

Consistently wearing Airpods throughout the day can most definitely physically damage your ear and even more so if you sleep with them. The majority of us, many of us twist and turn when we sleep, and doing so whilst wearing Airpods usually pushes the Airpod deeper into the ear which can cause some damage. Repeating this every night for months or years can potentially cause damage long term.

Disadvantages of Sleeping With Airpods

You necessarily do not need to be a health specialist to know that wearing Airpods all day every day and sleeping with them can potentially damage your ears and your hearing over a longer period of time.

Ear Wax Build-up

It is very common that people who listen with Airpods to build up a higher amount of ear wax than those who listen to podcasts/music aloud. When the Airpod is deep in your ear, it is most likely that ear wax will build up.

Furthermore, if your sleep with Airpods for 6-8 hours a day then there it could be harmful to your health such as ear pain and hearing loss because of excessive usage of Airpods. if you do sleep with Airpods on, it is always recommended that you clean your ears on a regular basis so that you can remove the excess wax.

Loss of Hearing

This is one of the senses that you’ll need to protect by any means possible. Generally, overexposing to sound of any kind can have a negative effect on the auditory canal which can cause hearing problems. The percentage of this increases if you listen to music very loud as well.

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When you’ve. had a hectic day, all you thinking about is having a peaceful and splendid night to sleep. This most definitely varies from person to person. Some people like to listen to a podcast or music just before they go to sleep.

Sleeping with Airpods can feel comfortable as you fall asleep but it most definitely does disturb your sleep because sleep is all about being in a deeply relaxed state which requires your body to gain the energy needed to start the day. Background noise such as music and podcast will distract and cause your body not to relax.

Should You Sleep with Airpods (Our Advice)

Human beings in general are very different in their very nature and have different ways of doing things. However, as a general outline and consensus, it is not recommended to sleep with Airpods because of the long-term issues that it could have.

When you actually way up the advantages and disadvantages as previously shown in the blog post, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages when it comes to sleeping peacefully. There is no problem using your Airpod as you are about to sleep listening to a podcast/music and then taking them off just before you go to sleep.

Wrapping Up

This blog post has discussed whether Airpods can explode whilst sleeping and also the best practices in what to do if you did want to sleep with the Airpods. We did not find any correlation with health-related issues when it comes to sleeping with Airpods.

However, our recommendation is to not sleep with Airpods whilst sleeping because of several reasons, namely, disturbance of your sleep. It is absolutely fine to listen to your Airpods as you are about to go to sleep and then you take it off.

At this moment, the decision is entirely up to you, sleeping with Airpods has no threat to your life, but you should be at least aware of the hazards and keep your Airpods clean.

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