Is Mac Keeper A Virus For Mac?

A software product known as MacKeeper makes the promise that it can clean, optimize, and safeguard your Apple computer. However, several users have stated that it is counterproductive and causes more problems than it solves. Many claims that MacKeeper is just a virus masquerading as a legitimate program.

So, is MacKeeper a virus for Mac? Well, the answer is a little bit complicated. MacKeeper is not a traditional virus that will infect your system and cause damage. However, it can be classified as a “potentially unwanted program” or PUP. PUPs are generally programs that are not malicious but may be considered annoying or unwanted by some users.

If you use a Mac, you’ve probably heard of a software program called Mac Keeper, which claims to be able to improve and safeguard your computer’s performance. But does it provide the benefits that it promises? Or is it, in fact, a virus that affects Macs? In this Blog, we will investigate what Mac Keeper is and discuss whether or not it is secure to use on your computer. Keep an eye out!

Is MacKeeper a virus for Mac?

Mackeeper is designed to keep your computer safe and to ensure that any malware, spyware or viruses are detected and then removed immediately from your laptop or computer. There have been a lot of articles on the web representing Mackeeper as being dangerous to your device.

In short, Mackeeper is not a virus it is actually designed for the safety of a Mac being infected with viruses. The mission of Mackeeper is to ensure that Antivirus stops viruses as well as protects and secures your device from 99.7% of online threats.

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Since Mackeeper’s sole purpose is protecting Mac devices from outside threats, why do these articles say otherwise Let’s analyze some of these complaints.

It is evident that users are constantly trying to find information to help them with a particular problem or issue they are facing. When they find a website that helps them in their quest, advertisements tend to instill fear, uncertainty, and doubt and make users feel that their Macs have viruses and if they don’t use this particular product then they have a high chance of being hacked.

While it is almost impossible for any company to guarantee the safety of your Mac by using their product and/or services, as long as you’re careful and do not fall into traps and go on dodgy websites then your Mac would not be attacked and viruses will not affect your Mac.

Some of these articles’ main arguments are in relation to the heavy marketing campaigns that are being pushed by these anti-virus companies i.e Mackeeper which causes the user to be very doubtful and fearful when it comes to their Macs being infected by their viruses.

Mackeeper mentions that they have a controversial past in relation to their marketing efforts which caused some previous issues. Mackeeper has a bad reputation because of their excessive way of advertising, however, as they put it ‘it’s not their fault‘. They work with multiple affiliates and some of these advertisers went overboard with their marketing campaigns and advertising which in turn had caused shady ads, therefore, depicting Mackeeper in a negative light.

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Despite all of this, as of 2017 Mackeeper has revisited their partnership with affiliates of there’s and if there is any alarming marketing then they suggest contacting their affilaite team on at which point they’ll assess the situation much closer and get to the bottom of the issue.

Is MacKeeper safe for Mac?

Despite many articles depicting Mackeeper negatively, mackeeper will protect your Mac against viruses and malware and most definitely won’t be the cause of malware infiltrating your Mac. Mackeeper has said ‘trust google’ not articles. This is because Apple has notarised the product itself in all Apple stores that have confirmed that there are no malicious components within the product itself.

This clearly demonstrates that Mackeeper is not only a safe product but arguably one of those products that you’ll need to keep your computer safe against malware and viruses.

Mackeeper key Features

There are unique features that Mackeeper offers to its customers to protect them from potential malware. Despite constantly hearing ‘That Mac is more secure than Windows and that they are immune for malware attack is statically in technically incorrect. Installing a Mac virus is ultimately important be it Mackeeper or another antivirus software of your choosing.

However, Mackeeper has a range of features that many Mac users can benefit from and protect their devices from Malware and viruses. They have several of features around security, privacy, and performance. Mackeeper keeps your device clean and secure by removing viruses, ads, and junk whilst monitoring the device 24/7 for any data breaches and generally protecting you Mac from these issues.

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Enhanced security, privacy and performance featuresBad reputation and misconception because of their advertising methods.
Enahnced antivirus program for MacOS with proven cybersecurity and performance optimisation.Suite of Mackeeper kit is not beneficial for each user and therefore can be a bit more expensive.
Notarised by Apple and is AppEsteem certified, AV-TEST certified, and ISO 27001 certified.Uninstall method can take a while from a Mac, and a few tickets have been raised because of this.
Mackeeper offers the best customer support services to its users and offers a wide range of support including live chat, phone and email.Premium services are a bit higher than usual because of this reason.

As you can see above, there many pros and cons with Mackeeper, however, from our perspective the pros outweighs the cons because of many factors. For example, Mackeeper can simply protect you from potential threats to your Mac device as suppose to not having any protection

From what you can get for free is mostly effective for the basic user so you don’t even have to purchase the most expensive plan they have. The interface is clean and simple to use for the average person.

Wrapping up

As it stands, there’s a growing body of blog posts representing Mackeeper’s product negatively. These blog posts claim that Mackeeper contains a virus within the applicaiton and that it will effect your Mac.

As discussed in this blog post, a virus is a computer program that, when excused, replicates itself by modifying other computer programs by inserting its code. According to Mackeeper, this has never been the case. They have confirmed repeatably that Mackeeper’s code has never contained anything malicious or intended to create damage to other apps.

Mac Keeper is neither malicious software, nor is it a computer virus. It is an application that assists you in removing garbage files and other objects that are not required from your Macintosh computer. Mac Keeper has been available to users for a considerable amount of time and has earned a favorable reputation in that time. It is important to be aware of a few potential pitfalls while installing Mac Keeper, but otherwise, it is a risk-free application that should not be removed from your computer.

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