Is Working In IT Worth It: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Most people are unsure about whether the IT field is worth any effort or not despite the rapidly increasing interest of people in this growing field. People are driven crazily towards this field for its benefits but set back a little for some of its bad things that are unavoidable.

Whether working in IT is worth it or not depends on preferences; if a person is demotivated to the point where difficulties aren’t appealing, then it’s not worth it; but, if a person enjoys learning/exploring new things and generating money by extending one’s intellectual capacities, then it’s worth it.

Certain elements of IT are worth reading about. Here in this section, we will examine the good, bad, and ugly sides of working in the IT Sector.

The Good Side of Working in IT

Whether it’s creating stone tools, the wheel, the steam engine, or information technology, the advancement of human civilization has always been marked by technical advancement.

Technological breakthroughs improve the quality of life for the whole human population. To the point that, in most cases, the bright side significantly exceeds the bad.

  1. Work Flexibility
  2. High Paying Salary
  3. Decent Working Environment
  4. Discovering New Abilities
  5. Career Growth and Development
  6. Work from Home

Work Flexibility

Many IT businesses are not just concerned with a 9 to 5 desk job. Most of them provide job flexibility, allowing you to work when and where you choose. This was a critical move in the IT sector to encourage agile working as well as productive outputs.

High paying salary

If you want to work in information technology, you’re undoubtedly driven by a desire to spend each day doing something you like while making a modest income. We have excellent news: information technology jobs are among the highest-paying areas in today’s working economy.

Although certain vocations may provide a good living, IT experts have a significant advantage in making a lot of money. One plausible explanation is that there is an increased demand for persons with above-average technical skills.

It has been noticed that several IT areas pay well, particularly for software programmers and coders. As a result of this, a large number of individuals prefer.

Decent Working Environment

Many respectable technology businesses maintain a good and welcoming work environment. This improves staff performance and helps the company’s success.

Furthermore, other IT firms offer considerable benefits such as complimentary meals, a relaxed dress code, and an appropriate residential location. The following benefits turn out to be add-ons to an already lucrative career.

What is the significance of a Decent work environment?

Positive work environments give several advantages to both individuals and companies. This is because this atmosphere may contribute to employee success and satisfaction on both a personal and professional level. Here are four reasons why a pleasant work environment is essential in the workplace:

Improves productivity

Having a good work atmosphere is an excellent method to boost your production. When you’re happy, you may be more productive and better able to finish your responsibilities. This can also assist you in becoming a better employee, which can lead to an increment in salary and promotions.

Enhances morale

While your attitude and behavior affect your coworkers, a happy work atmosphere may positively impact those around you. When you have a good attitude toward your work, it might affect how others in the company see their duties.

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Encourages development

When you’re driven to excel in your job, you’re more likely to locate possibilities to progress. Positive feedback from your boss might make you feel like you’re making a meaningful addition to the firm, and it may drive you to maintain or improve on this behavior.

Encourages cooperation

When you are personally driven, you are more inclined to assist and inspire people in your organization. This can also result in better professional connections with your coworkers. 

The stronger the relationship between colleagues, the higher a company’s chances of meeting its short- and long-term objectives. This is because cooperation is frequently the cornerstone of a company’s success.

Positive working environment characteristics
  • A productive environment
  • Communication that is open and honest
  • Team members that are compassionate
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Thinking positively
  • A healthy work-life balance

Discovering New Abilities

With the ever-changing nature of technology, you can never have enough expertise in this area. However, you may be allowed to work on various projects, each with a particular role to perform. 

You can also switch between other topics of interest. Furthermore, this will help you learn the path of your job and find and acquire new abilities.

Benefits of Discovering New abilities in IT Gives you Importance.

Learning new abilities is crucial for progressing in your job. It increases your value in the IT field and assists you in developing new ways to stay up with the fast-changing globe. But there are other advantages as well. Here are four advantages of acquiring new skills.

It keeps you healthy.

Learning keeps both your mind and body active. It allows you to gain new and informed insights into the world around you. It allows you to obtain new experiences, teaches your brain to deal with various problems, and maintains your neural networks alive. All of these elements work together to keep you healthy.

It facilitates access

When you learn a new language, opportunities open for you to work in various organizations (many of which require dual-lingual speakers), not to mention abroad. You will have a higher chance of earning a promotion if you learn to code. 

You open up a new source of revenue. When you learn how to build websites, create Android or iOS apps, and so on.

It boosts your flexibility.

Many workers suffer when a new CEO is appointed or when their normal tasks are drastically altered. This is when learning new abilities may help. If you take a time management course, you will have more time and space to assist you in coding.

Time management training will also assist you in adopting new ways of functioning that are optimistic.

It keeps you relevant.

Professional Programming makes you competitive even when fresh graduates enter your field. It would be best to stay up with technology developments, or your company will fire you the first chance they get.

Career Growth and Development

Pursuing a profession in technology allows you to grow and improve your abilities. Working with creative individuals and using certain tools improves your job results.

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While many occupations confine you to a particular job description, working in the IT business will expose you to new prospects and new beginnings.

Four Tips for Career Growth and Development

  • Set goals and devise a strategy to attain them.

Could your career growth and management benefit from some assistance? People who are most successful and pleased in their professions have deliberately decided what they want from their jobs.

  • Create a timeline with milestones.

Bringing your employer into the picture, as well as their sponsorship and mentoring, will guarantee that you have an internal mentor who will assist you manage your career.

Make use of business programs.

Some firms offer established initiatives to assist employees in furthering their careers. In others, you will need to pursue your professional growth unofficially. Companies that provide programs usually focus their efforts on assisting employees in developing and pursuing a career path.

  • Take charge of your professional path.

A career path can be discussed with your project manager during numerous bi-annual meetings. Some businesses exhibit a strong commitment to their employees by supporting them with resources such as time and money when possible. However, keep in mind that this is your professional path.

Work from Home

Working from Home brings up a new set of possibilities for how firms may operate and organize themselves.

Some Noticeable Advantages of working from Home:

  • Agility and adaptability.
  • Employee retention has improved.
  • Recruit new employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased staff motivation
  • improved employee health and well-being
  • Financial advantages
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Less need for regular holidays

The Bad Side of Working in IT

Just as the IT field has a lot of good side to show, it also comes with some negatives that you might also be aware of. Following are some negative aspects of working in IT that we consider most important to discuss for you here:

  1. The Working Hours are Long
  2. Work Tends to be Deadline Driven
  3. Up-to-date education/knowledge or constant learning
  4. Things don’t always work the way they’re supposed to

The Working Hours are Long

There are many different IT professions, but they all have one thing in common: they need long hours. If you want to work in IT, you must be willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays. The effects of regular long work hours on our health are wide-ranging.

Work Tends to be Deadline Driven

Most IT positions have strict deadlines. Developers, for example, are always under pressure to provide code on time. Similarly, network administrators may be asked to establish user accounts or deploy and test new systems by a specific deadline.

Often, the deadline is utterly unrealistic for the amount of labor required in the assignment, but you are nevertheless expected to fulfill it.

Up-to-date education/knowledge or constant learning

The information technology sector is continuously changing. IT professionals must acquire a huge quantity of knowledge to execute their jobs, and that information quickly becomes outdated. The only way to maintain your knowledge is to keep your education up to date.

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This can be a very tough task to do. Forget about all of the difficult technical material you’ll have to study. The most common barriers to keeping your education current are the enormous hours you currently work and the ever-shrinking IT training expenditures.

Things don’t always work the way they’re supposed to

We previously said that projects may be deadline-driven and that timelines might be unrealistic. Believe us when we say there is nothing worse than attempting to complete a job before the deadline only to have things grind to a halt due to technological issues.

Computer systems are complex, and occasionally, despite your best efforts, things don’t operate as they should. An inconsistency in chip version on a succession of system boards can ruin an entire project. Naturally, it is your responsibility to identify and resolve the issue.

The Ugly Side of Working in IT

Despite the bad things, there are also some worst things that working in IT might introduce to your life. We highly recommend you not to ignore these if you really want to know whether working in IT worth it or not.

  1. Health deterioration
  2. Extreme Stress
  3. Imbalanced Personal Life

Health deterioration

Memory, focus, and cognition all suffer as one’s mental health deteriorates. Poor time management, conflict, trouble concentrating, and making choices, all of which are frequently associated with anxiety and depression, can easily be misconstrued as poor performance on the job.

Physical health deterioration stress has a direct physical effect on the body; this comes from extended bouts of stress with little opportunity to recuperate. 

The body has an inappropriate fight or flight reaction, which causes cortisol and adrenaline to be released into the circulation, causing harm to the body. 

Sleep problems, headaches, high blood pressure, and weight loss or increase are all possibilities for the employee. There might be a rise in frequent short-term absenteeism.

Extreme Stress

IT professions may be difficult since programming positions have a high level of stress owing to their focus on work, goals, successes, night shifts, and responsibilities.

Irregular work hours, often known as shift work, have been linked to poor health and Extreme Stress, including disturbance of our circadian rhythm, sleep, accident rates, mental health, and the chance of having a heart attack.

Imbalanced Personal Life

If you work in a crucial support function in your company, you will almost certainly be tethered to a cell phone. That implies you might be called upon at any time to deal with an emergency. 

One of the IT professionals stated that: “When I initially started dating my wife, we watched a movie about two a.m. on a Friday night when I was summoned to deal with a system problem. Fortunately, she was far more understanding than some of the other ladies I had dated. I was also called in the middle of Christmas dinner once.”

Working in IT is similar to being a fireman or paramedic in that you never know when an emergency may arise, and you’ll have to drop everything to deal with it.

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