Which certification is better, AWS or Google cloud?

Cloud computing has evolved into a critical component of the information technology industry. Thanks to cloud computing, the days of stumbling around with sophisticated networking and on-premise data centers are long gone. Because of cloud technology, services are now more secure, dependable, and cost-effective than ever before.

While Google Cloud Platform is cheaper and more flexible than AWS, AWS has more data centers globally. Furthermore, AWS is expanding its data center footprint at a quicker rate than Google. As a result, AWS certification is expected to provide the highest return on investment for professionals.

A significant and growing part of the technology industry, cloud computing has emerged as one of its most important and biggest segments. Over several years, the competition between AWS and Google cloud certification has become increasingly heated. Both sides have promised to be the finest, but which certification is the most reliable and trustworthy? Let’s have a look:

Which cloud certification is preferable: Amazon web services or Google cloud?

If you intend to use cloud computing services, you will certainly come across two service providers: Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. 

These cloud computing behemoths are familiar names in the IT industry. Both businesses have had a dominant position in their respective sectors for more than a decade. 

Companies well-known worldwide for their innovation and excellence are diligent in their pursuit of innovation and perfection. Each possesses a depth of knowledge and experience in the technology sector that is nearly hard to match.

Unexpectedly, they have built cloud computing platforms among the best in the business, given their distinct technology underpinnings. Gartner has identified Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the leaders in their IaaS Magic Quadrant for the third time, this time in September 2020.

The tenth consecutive year that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been positioned in the top-right quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud (IaaS). Obtaining the best possible rank for Ability to Execute and the highest possible placement for Comprehensiveness of Vision.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is the clear winner in terms of the sheer variety of services, offering more than 175 different services, including:

  • Developer tools
  • Analytics
  • Storage
  • Database management
  • Compute
  • Networking
  • IoT
  • Security

Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers a more limited range of services than Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since machine learning is a major emphasis of many modern organizations, this is an excellent option for upgrading your abilities and employability.

Here are some of the Top Google Services:

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning

In addition, the firm has embraced open-source, and this knowledge is evident in the company’s usage of containers, in particular.

What exactly is a cloud computing platform? (Google Cloud) (AWS)

A cloud platform is a set of services, apps, and, in some cases, hardware (such as cloud computers) that other businesses may utilize to enhance the services they offer to their customers.

Database, cloud storage, Internet of Things (IoT) services, security, and other services are examples of what is available. “Infrastructure-as-a-service” is a term that is occasionally used to describe this.

Companies may use cloud platforms to store, retrieve, and manipulate data and scale their operations due to its use.

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As a result, they may expand to suit the needs of their customers. This is a feasible alternative for enterprises of all sizes because of pricing plans that charge the customer for the infrastructure used.

While there were some initial worries about security and privacy, the great majority of cloud-enabled organizations have come to rely on such services in the last few years.

AWS Certifications vs. Google Cloud Certifications

There is a continual requirement to remain abreast of the most recent technological developments in the corporate sector. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most well-known cloud computing certifications available today. We looked at the AWS certification and how it compares to the Google Cloud certification to see which is more stringent.

Amazon Web Services Certifications:

Six core certificates and six specialized certifications are now available from AWS, totaling 12 certifications. Amazon Web Services offers three levels of certificates, starting with Foundational certification and progressing to Associate and Professional certifications.

We will discuss only a few of the certifications offered by AWS in further detail.

·         AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

This AWS foundational exam covers the fundamental concepts of the AWS Cloud computing platform. You’ll be asked questions on the most important AWS services and capabilities, as well as about commercial applications.

It also tests your knowledge of AWS security and compliance principles and your ability to demonstrate a practical understanding of AWS invoicing, support, and pricing. You can expect questions about how to set up Amazon Web Services resources and services in your environment.

This certification is ideal for anybody in a non-technical job that requires a basic grasp of the Amazon Web Services platform.

When discussing a customer’s AWS investments, IT salespeople, for example, may learn to talk with confidence and authority, and it can also assist employees in finance, management, and business positions in communicating more effectively with their IT colleagues.

  • Exam Format: multiple choice.
  • Exam Length: 90 minutes.
  • Exam Fee: $100.

·         AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

This is the certification you’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of creating and deploying systems on the AWS Cloud. This exam will test your knowledge of architectural best practices and ask you questions about cloud-based solutions for implementations with tight criteria.

You’ll need a lot of familiarity with AWS computing, storage, network, and database services to deploy, configure, and manage them. 

  • Exam Format: Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Exam Length: 130 minutes.
  • Exam Fee: $150.

·         AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

Demonstrate your ability to develop and deploy distributed systems to specification on the AWS Cloud, as well as how to do it at scale with high availability.

This certification also demands the capacity to deploy multi-tier apps to the AWS Cloud and the ability to develop enterprise-scale cloud solutions using AWS resources, all while keeping track of your cloud spending.

Before taking this test, AWS no longer advises acquiring the Architect – Associate credential. We suggest focusing on your Associate certification first if you don’t already have years of AWS expertise.

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AWS advises having over two years of experience implementing distributed systems at scale using AWS cloud services based on design criteria and best practices.

  • Exam Format: Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Exam Length: 180 minutes.
  • Exam Fee: $300.

·         AWS Certified Developer – Associate

This AWS exam assesses your ability to create AWS Cloud-native apps. You must demonstrate your ability to interface with and optimize the AWS services you incorporated into an application using the AWS SDK.

Passing this test also necessitates a working knowledge of code-level security techniques, such as credential generation and encryption methods. To take this test, AWS recommended that you have at least a year of experience managing apps in the AWS Cloud.

  • Exam Format: Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Exam Length: 130 minutes.
  • Exam Fee: $150.

·         AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

The DevOps Engineer certification assesses your competence to manage distributed applications on the Amazon Web Services Cloud, from provisioning to complete operational management.

You’ll be asked about CI/CD methods and automation best practices, including best practices for automating security and compliance tests. You’ll also need to demonstrate that you understand the AWS platform’s monitoring and logging procedures.

  • Exam Format: Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Exam Length: 180 minutes.
  • Exam Fee: $300.

Google Cloud Certifications:

Google Cloud certifications allow you to demonstrate your experience and capacity to transform organizations using Google Cloud technology. 

Here are some of the most popular Google certifications.

·         Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

As the name indicates, the certification is designed for those who wish to pursue a career as cloud engineers. Enterprise solutions would be managed and monitored by a qualified associate cloud engineer who would also be responsible for application deployment, operations monitoring, and system administration.

The exam assesses candidates’ ability to use the Google Cloud Console and command-line interface to conduct typical platform-based activities, as well as their knowledge of Google Cloud Platform.

As a result, the test assesses candidates’ competence in managing one or more deployed solutions that use self-managed or Google-managed services on Google Cloud.

  • Exam Format: Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Exam Length: 120 minutes.
  • Exam Fee: $125.

·         Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Those who want to become cloud architects and who have a passion for assisting businesses in maximizing the functioning of Google Cloud technologies can pursue the Google cloud certification.

It is expected that certified professional cloud architects would have in-depth knowledge and comprehension of cloud architecture and Google technologies to perform their duties.

Certified candidates will use their expertise in these areas to take on responsibilities in the design, development, and administration of GCP solutions following business objectives, utilizing their knowledge in these areas.

In addition, qualified applicants must guarantee that the GCP solutions have increased scalability, dynamism, and availability, among other characteristics.

  • Exam Format: Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Exam Length: 120 minutes.
  • Exam Fee: $200.

·         Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer

The fact that it is free makes it one of the most attractive options for cloud developers. Any developer who works with cloud-based system apps must be familiar with how they operate and function.

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This certification entails the creation of applications as well as their integration with the cloud-based computing platform. In addition, you will monitor the application’s utilization and take advantage of the critical cloud platform features.

App Engine and other equally effective engine platforms will adopt industry-best standards for application development. You will be familiar with the tools required for the application development process for the major tool integrations.

  • Exam Format: Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Exam Length: 240 minutes.
  • Exam Fee: $120.

·         Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

The test is designed for those who want to become cloud DevOps Engineers and aspire to high-level positions in the cloud computing environment.

The job responsibilities of a professional cloud DevOps engineer would include being accountable for the smooth collaboration of development and operations teams in the cloud.

Professional Cloud DevOps Engineers are in charge of ensuring that the right balance between delivery speed and service dependability is maintained at all times.

Students will be assessed on their ability to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to build pipelines for delivering software and deployment, monitoring, and management services.

  • Exam Format: Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Exam Length: 120 minutes.
  • Exam Fee: $200.

·         Google Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer

This certification gives one of the greatest talents available, in high demand, and well-paid in the job market. This involves knowledge of cloud security and cloud maintenance.

Because transactions involving important and sensitive data take place on any system, security is an absolute requirement. A cloud-based solution, or perhaps the entire platform, is no different from this model.

Due to the increasing use of cloud-based platforms by corporate giants, the information of a significant number of individuals is no longer fully stored on a hard drive. Of course, with such a large quantity of data storage and transaction, dependable security procedures are required, and a professional cloud security engineer is in charge of ensuring that they are implemented.

Cloud-based platforms are distinct from traditional server-based platforms, and the security modules used on cloud-based platforms are also distinct. You must be a specialist in this field to manage the complete system’s security procedures from start to finish.

Your responsibilities will include working on security modules, role management, incident identification, network defenses, and other concerns.


We’ve covered all of the well-known names in the field of Cloud Computing in this section of the article. Their growing pace and the services that they provide have also been explored in-depth.

It’s quite tough to decide which one is the most superior. Suppose you are an experienced IT professional who has been working in the industry for a long time.

In that case, We recommend that you pursue an AWS certification because it will look more or less the same as on-premises IT. If you are a beginner entering the field of cloud computing, I recommend that you pursue a Google Cloud certification.

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