Are Gaming PC’S Getting Cheaper? This is Why!

are gaming pcs getting cheaper

If you love gaming whether it’s through the console or on the PC you’ll probably wonder why gaming PCs are more expensive than the consoles themselves.

Gaming PCs are not becoming cheaper due to the advancement of technology, inflation prices as well as supply and demand. Since the inception of crypto mining, gaming PCs have spiked significantly.

To dive into a more detailed analysis it is important to consider the brand, CPU, GPU that is being used and the quality of the gaming PCS. as with anything, the higher the specification and user experience the more expensive than gaming PCS will become in the long run. We will have deep dive into these topics more broadly.

Are Gaming PC’s Becoming Cheaper?

This question is somewhat subjective as what I consider cheap and what you do can be completely different. What you believe that high-end quality gaming PCS for me could potentially be a low quality gaming PC.

However, the pricing will go down eventually. The same components will be maxed out as more games come out and therefore they would be no choice but to reduce the prices for several of reasons.

It doesn’t really matter if you have high spec PC, the components as well as the work done of modern CPUs and GPUs are somewhat still expensive.

e materials used to build the computer is not as high as say airplane, but what your actually paying for is the time spent on research and manufacturing the graphics card. The chip shortage has been an issue in recent years and has been going on from 2020 and now going into 2023.

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Buying A Gaming PC – What You Need To Look For

There are always considerations that you’ll need to understand before you buy a gaming PC and that is the components that it comes with. Is there a particular process for you to follow to choose the bang for your buck? Below I’ll outline the biggest drivers around purchasing your gaming PC.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

The graphics processing unit is a specialised electronic circuit that speeds the creation and rendering of images and videos. There are two distinct GPUs: one is integrated and directly shares the memory with the CPU. The other type is separated with its own card and memory.

The graphics card is one of the most important component when it comes to gaming PCs. It’s primarily responsible for rendering 3D graphics with particular focus in how many frame per second (fps) you’ll see in different games that you play. If your looking to build your own gaming PC then take a look this list of GPU dedicated for Gaming PCs on Amazon.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

In simple terms, the central processing unit is the fundamental part of a computer system, it contains the memory, control unit as well as arithmetic-logic unit. It is the heart of a whole computer system which is linked to other parts of a computer such as peripheral and input/output devices. The CPU also contains the integrated circuit chip that is also known as the microprocessor.

So how does the central processing unit tie in with gaming PCs? When it comes to high-end gaming PCs, you’ll most likely want the Core i7 which can be overclockable and provides an excellent performance boost. On the other hand, for pure and normal gaming, then a quad-core CPU would be just perfect in that situation.

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Before even considering buying a CPU you should really look at the speed of the processor that is usually measured in gigahertz (GHz). This is all to do with the number of cycles a processor can calculate per second. It is recommended to go for the 4 or 5 GHz CPU for better performance when using it for games. You can the core i7 which has 5.0 GHz from Amazon here.

Why are game consoles cheaper than PCs?

Maybe something that you can’t wrap your head around is the notion that gaming consoles are significantly cheaper than gaming PCS, but why?

Gaming consoles are just a gateway for the big brands to attract users at which point they keep on developing games and other types of accessories to generate additional income instead of getting you to purchase the large some for the console itself.

The main source of income for big brands such as Lenovo, Alienware, Dell is from selling the basic hard – i.e the gaming PC. They do not profit from games that are developed or what you purchase from other vendors like MS & Sony. This is one of the main reasons why the gaming PC is usually more expensive.

Why are Gaming PC’S Very Expensive?

As previously stated one of the main reasons why gaming PCs are expensive is because the hardware manufacturer would make more profit as they would not be able to take any share from games that are brought by other vendors such as Sony & Microsoft.

When you look for a gaming console sometimes your thinking why is this console so cheap? Well, sometimes console mkers are ok to reduce the price and make a loss because they are confident in making profit based on the games that they get a cut from.

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When you dig a little deeper around games, it is evident that games are usually licensed based and there is a percentage of the licensing fee that Microsoft and Sony would get on gaming consoles.

Gaming PCs manufactures do not have the same fate, hence, the upfront fee is usually expensive.

How long do gaming PCs last?

Since gaming PCs can be quite expensive and costy, you’d be better sure that you buy the best quality and the one that is in top notch so it can last you for years to come.

Keeping up to date with the newest games and having the best possible specs at all the times, then it is recommended to upgrade your hardware yearly. But if your content, then it can keep you anywhere between 3-5 years.

The only thing that people regularly change instead of the gaming PC itself is to upgrade the storage, CPU and GPU so that gaming can be more seamless even if the PC is quite old.

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