Are MacBook Airs expensive?

macbook overpriced

Apple MacBooks are arguably one of the most expensive laptops in the market. They can cost about $1000 to $2000 at most depending on the model and retailer. The cost of additional accessories can also be overwhelming. While many think that these price values are too much for a device, the majority of Apple users attest that it is worth every penny spent.

With its powerful specs and premium features, the Apple Macbook is not overpriced at all. MacBooks features an M1 chip that allows efficient utilization. The built-in Retina display is also a great selling point as it can significantly improve your viewing experience on the device.

In addition, its overall build quality can last for a long time making you save more money in the long run. The battery life of a Macbook is also relatively longer compared to others.

Devices under the Apple brand are considered high-end devices so it is not surprising that they come at a higher price point compared to other gadgets. Aside from the device itself, they are also selling the experience. Nevertheless, if you are still not convinced that MacBooks deserve such pricing, keep on reading as we dwell more on this topic.

Are MacBook Airs expensive?

Although the case of whether it’s overpriced or not mainly depends on one’s budget, we can’t deny the fact that Macbooks are unaffordable for the majority of buyers. Brand new MacBooks can retail from $1000 to $2000 depending on the model and retail store. Such price would surely make you think twice, however, you should also know that MacBooks are not priced this way without any valid reasons.

The Macbook is built with premium materials ensuring high quality in its hardware and functionality. Its case is made with expensive Aluminum that is durable and provides a luxurious appeal. The touchpad is highly responsive as well and doesn’t require any clicking. If you are working from home, you can count on its prime speaker and mic for all of your meetings. The MacBook SSD is also fast and great for various applications. You won’t need to upgrade or add any external devices too as the features are already high performing and enough for any use.

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MacBook batteries are also lauded for their long battery life. In fact, most modern MacBooks’ batteries can last about 10 to 17 hours. They are also made durable to ensure longevity. In addition, the built-Retina display, a unique feature only available to Apple products, allows MacBooks to display high-resolution graphics at the normal viewing distance. Furthermore, MacBooks are also less likely to acquire virus or malware attacks compared to other devices.

When taken good care of, MacBooks can last longer than you can expect The average lifespan of a laptop is about 3 to 5 years but a Macbook can last twice longer up to 10 years. It doesn’t get outdated too as it can be updated to the latest OS.

These features plus the Apple branding make the MacBook an in-demand device. Apple doesn’t just sell the device but the experience as well. The brand itself is a contributing factor to its price.

So is it overpriced? With all the features we briefly discussed above, it’s safe to say that it’s probably sold at the right price.

Is it worth it? Absolutely, If you have the budget, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy a MacBook. They are great investments for their powerful specs and they can be used for a much longer time. If you are planning to buy a MacBook soon, we can recommend the MacBook Air with M1 and the MacBook Pro.

Are Macbooks better than PC?

Deciding which one is better all comes down to one’s preference and subjectivity. We already know that majority of computer users use a PC with the Windows operating system and only a few use MacBooks. However, many acclaim the better operating system of a Macbook compared to a PC.

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Nevertheless, we can all agree that Macbooks and PCs have their own advantages and disadvantages. To make it easier to distinguish which is better, let’s discuss the major pros and cons of Macbooks and PC.


Macbooks are generally more user-friendly and the Mac OS is stable and intuitive. They are built with durable materials for longevity. Its Retina display is a better option for people who create visual arts. Its overall appearance provides a more premium appeal. If you are already an Apple user, you can also count on their high-performing integration between devices. The Mac OS can provide better protection against viruses too.

On the downside, Macbooks are more expensive. It only has limited software support as well and users may find it challenging to find compatible apps. Storage is also limited.


PCs have more brands and models to choose from. These PCs are cheaper compared to Macbooks but they are reliable enough to perform accordingly to the user’s need. A PC is a better choice for gamers and computer savvy for its various configuration options and easier modifications. Since it is widely used, more apps and software are compatible with the windows system. When it comes to storage, PCs can store relatively large files.

As a drawback, the PC isn’t as user-friendly as the MacBook. Is it also not as secure as the Macbook making it more prone to viruses and malware attacks.

Are second-hand or refurbished MacBooks any good?

The short answer is yes. We know that as soon as a device leaves a retailer, it is likely to decrease in its value. Thankfully, MacBooks can still pose good value despite being used. However, the value still depends on the quality and condition of the used MacBook.

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Buying second-hand or refurbished items like a MacBook can surely save you some money but you first have to understand the advantages and risks.

First of all, you have to check the MacBook condition before paying. Make sure to get details on the used mac. Take note of all important information including the year the model was produced, model, serial number, RAM, and OS version.

If the Macbook was produced around 4-5 years ago, you might want to reconsider it as it may be outdated already and may not be supported by Apple anymore. If this is the case, you won’t be able to update your OS and security. It is always better to buy a MacBook which is released in a much recent year.

If there is a firmware password, ask the owner to turn it off first. A firmware password can prevent the device from booting from a USB port and may bring you trouble sooner or later.

Over and above, make sure that the MacBook is working well. Running simple tests like charging might just save you from future problems. Don’t worry about scratches and focus more on the specs of the MacBook. Finally, perform a factory reset when needed to erase all personal data from the device.

Typically, a refurbished Macbook is a better option than a second-hand Macbook. Refurbished devices often went through inspections and component replacements. They can also come with a warranty depending on the retail shop. Some Apple stores may also sell refurbished MacBooks.

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