Are Google certifications worth it?

If you’re a professional who works with Google technologies and relies on them to run your organization, you’ll realize the need to earn Google certification. The Google Certification Program continues to develop year after year, making it difficult to keep up with the new qualifications. In this blog, we will examine whether or not Google certification is a worthwhile investment.

Yes, Google certificates are certainly worth the time and effort; in terms of cost, these credentials are equivalent to those obtained via a traditional college education. Given that Google certifications require you to complete some tests that are tough to pass, getting a Google certification will certainly help you improve your current CV.

Google certificates are among the most sought-after credentials in the information technology industry. The ability to keep your staff and yourself up to date on the most recent technological developments is critical whether you manage a small business or a huge organization. Google certificates, on the other hand, are not always simple to come by.

What it takes to become a Google certified specialist will be discussed in detail in this blog and whether or not the certifications are worth the effort.

What are Google Certifications and are they worth to consider?

In many high-growth fields, Google Certificates are online courses that can help you get started in your career. With courses in data analysis, project management, user experience design, information technology support, and information technology automation, Google Credentials are there to assist you in taking a right first step in your career.

All courses are taught entirely online by Google employees who have years of expertise in the field. One of the key concepts underlying Google Certificates is that you may gain the skills you need to obtain a job right away, rather than after several years of schooling and a self-driven, potentially long job hunt.

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After completing a Google Certificate program, participants can choose to be linked with potential companies and receive assistance in developing portfolios and developing interview skills along the process.

Defined, Google Certificates are online courses developed by Google that are meant to provide you with the abilities you need to land entry-level employment in less than six months after completing them.

What Are Google Professional Certificates and How Do They Work?

Google Professional Certificates are completed entirely online, are inexpensive and quick to finish, and have a significant degree of industry sway. They are unquestionably worthwhile for anyone looking to launch a career in information technology.

When it comes to hiring for relevant positions, Google has officially declared that the certificates would be treated as comparable to a four-year college education. Obtaining one of these programs might provide you with a significant advantage in your tech career.

Google Certificates are training courses that are meant to prepare students for entry-level careers in high-growth technology fields. Google offers them. They cover various disciplines, including technical assistance, project management, data analytics, design, and automation.

The courses are offered by Coursera, an online training platform that also provides comparable credentials from large brands such as IBM and Facebook, among others.

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A sequence of modules makes up each program, and students may complete them at their speed while studying on the internet. Each course is created and delivered by professionals with extensive experience in the subject.

What courses are provided through Google Certificates?

  • Google Certificate for Project Manager
  • Google Certificate for Digital Marketing
  • Google Certificate for UX Designer
  • Android Developer Associate Certificate
  • Professional Certificate in IT Support
  • Professional Certificate in Google IT Automation with Python
  • Google AdWords Certification
  • Data Analyst Google Certificate

·         Google Certificate for Project Manager

The administration of projects is another demanding, well-paid, and far-reaching job Google Certificates may assist you with. A project manager supervises projects and ensures that objectives are fulfilled, and work is completed effectively.

Jobs in project management are anticipated to expand by a third in the next several years; therefore, those with these abilities will be in high demand. 

This is supported by an average of $63,000 in compensation for professionals, which makes it an attractive field to break in.

·         Google Certificate for Digital Marketing

It is a simple yet well-rounded course for individuals who want to master the foundations of digital marketing or who want to brush up on their existing digital marketing skills and expertise in a short amount of time.

This course is for you to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing to kickstart your career in the field. Even if your only goal is to understand better how to promote your own company, this Basics of Digital Marketing course will get you started in the correct direction.

The world has gone online, and even though it is not easy to believe, many local companies have yet to take advantage of this. This course is designed for people who want to establish a new online business or learn how to turn their passion for digital marketing into a successful profession.

The skills you will gain in this course will include:

  • Developing an online marketing plan.
  • Improving the way a site ranks on search engines.
  • Using analytics tools to analyze online performance better.

It is a fundamental step, but it is an essential one.

Google Digital Certification is entirely free, and the process of obtaining it is straightforward. As soon as you click the Register button, you will be given to logging in using your Google account or creating an account with a new email address.

Although the registration process is straightforward, the course structure is split into bite-sized portions to make it easier to comprehend the information presented. Each of the seven parts of the course comprises one to seven modules, each of which includes videos and check-in questions to ensure that you remember what you have learned.

·         Google Certificate for UX Designer

One of the most exciting parts about entering into the user experience is the vast amount of job opportunities accessible. Almost every company needs UX designers to help with the creation of digital and real goods.

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When you pass the UX Design Google Certificate program, you will have the fundamental skills you need to succeed as a beginner-level UX designer. With some experience, you may expect to earn an annual salary of $85,000 on average.

·         Android Developer Associate Certificate

The Associate Android Developer Certificate is given by Google by its training partners rather than directly by Google itself. Both the course materials and the certification test are separated into two portions. It is entirely free to participate in the course.

The Associate Android Developer Certification test, which is meant to evaluate the ability of a beginner-level Android developer, is offered by Google and other organizations.

·         Professional Certificate in IT Support

Because the world now operates on information technology, we must have highly qualified individuals to assist when problems occur with technology.

In addition to network operations, system administration, and security, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate may provide you with further training.

Positions in information technology support are increasing quickly, with employment possibilities expected to grow by eight percent over the next ten years, which is much more than the national average.

As a result, there will very certainly be a large number of new possibilities for IT experts, and Google Certificates intends to ensure that there are enough individuals to fill these positions.

·         Professional Certificate in Google IT Automation with Python

It is the most advanced course offered by Google Certificates, and unlike others, you must have some prior knowledge before enrolling. Before enrolling in the Google IT Automation Certificate program, students should understand topics such as operating systems, networks, and data management.

This course will provide you with the chance to advance your professional development. Python is one of the most widely used programming languages today.

The teachers are here to teach you the fundamentals of coding while also allowing you to participate in what Google refers to as a “cornerstone project.” That assignment is concerned with the solution of real-world situations.

Participants in this program will gain valuable new skills and be able to progress in their professional lives. This course might provide a boost to the career that you’ve been searching for.

·         Google AdWords Certification

Suppose you’re searching for an introduction to Google AdWords at an entry-level price, the Google AdWords Certification. In that case, Become Certified and Earn More course on Udemy could be just what you’re looking for.

This course does not require any prior knowledge or expertise, and it can be completed in as little as one and a half hours. The course is delivered through the use of on-demand videos, 3 articles, and one practice exam. You may access the course through mobile and computer, and you will have lifelong access to the information, allowing you to go back and study it whenever you want.

·         Data Analyst Google Certificate

Generally speaking, data is a collection of information that may be represented in various forms such as graphs and figures and words, videos, and observations, among other things. It is the act of acquiring, processing, and organizing data to conclude, create projections, and make well-informed decisions based on that information.

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Businesses require data analysts to go through all of this information to make judgments about their goods, services, and business strategies, among other things.

Businesses today gather massive amounts of information. Nonetheless, data is only meaningful if it can be transformed into actionable insights, where data analysts come in.

By earning a Certificate in Data Analysis, you may learn how to take large amounts of data and convert it into actionable insights to help organizations succeed. This is a highly sought-after skill set, implying that high-level data analytics talents may open doors to opportunities in nearly any field.

How to Prepare for Google Career Certificate Exams?

Each of these courses necessitates completing examinations to earn the Google Career certification in the course of your choice. The examinations associated with these courses are difficult and need much study.

If you want to become a Google certified professional, you must put in the necessary effort. Enroll in one of the Google courses of your choosing to get a head start on studying for the tests. These courses will give you the information and training that you will need to pass the examination.

Take notes as you progress through the course you’ve chosen. Since these certification courses will cover a substantial amount of information, you should make a list of the most important points to examine before taking the test.

It’s important to move on to the following phase in your test preparation after completing your specified course. The most straightforward method of accomplishing this is to review your exam notes and be aware of what to expect on the exam.

Is a Google Certificate Beneficial in Landing a Job?

Google Certificate Programs are a great way to hone your present abilities while learning new ones. If you do not have the required degree or work experience for the position you are seeking, the Certificate program will not guarantee you an interview chance for that position.

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Google Certificate programs provide you with a competitive advantage over other applicants who have not developed their abilities in the same way. And, if you properly demonstrate your abilities during your interview, the recruiters will undoubtedly appreciate your attempt to keep yourself up to speed with new talents, which might result in you being offered the position very simply.


Google certifications are a fantastic method to narrow your knowledge and abilities to a single Google product or set of Google products. Certifiable skills and knowledge complement a CV and can help you obtain a job in the future.

We hope this blog article has provided you with further information about what it takes to become certified and what you can do to make it a reality for you and your business.

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