Are Microsoft surface pros worth it?

Microsoft’s Surface line of computers and tablets offers some of the greatest Windows hardware available in the market today. Microsoft’s Surface series, which is most known for its unique, tablet-like designs, has grown over the years and now includes a whole range of machines, ranging from a conventional laptop to a massive desktop computer.

Surface Pros are well worth the investment. They are incredibly useful for many jobs. Their elegant appearance is likely to amaze anybody who sees it. Aside from that, the battery life is excellent, making it ideal for usage while on the go. This is the finest Surface in years, thanks to the entirely new design and speedier internals than ever before.

Are Microsoft Surface Pros a good investment? Especially in light of the recent announcement of the new Surface Pro 8, this is a topic that many people are asking about. So, let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages to assist you in determining whether or not this is the right laptop for you.

Is it worthwhile to invest in surface pros?

It all depends on what you want to use the tablet for. They are not worth their price tag of around 1000 US Dollars or more (which equates to approximately £800) if all you do is browse the internet and do light work.

Suppose your plans include heavy-duty graphic design or video creation using special editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 within Windows 10 Pro Touch Edition operating system version Somerdam, released on August 8, 2017. In that case, this may be a fantastic option!

Surface Pros have received overwhelmingly positive reviews, and they appear to be a wise purchase for organizations who want more than just basic capabilities from their tablet/PC hybrid device!

What makes a Surface Pro different from a regular laptop?

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a tablet that may be used as a primary computer when it calls for it. The gadget will allow you to work, access the internet, and send emails while remaining portable, making it ideal for any occasion!

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Microsoft Surface Pros are an excellent alternative for people who want to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently. The tablet is equipped with a connected pen, which allows users to operate apps such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop CC, among others, without having to use their hands to operate them!

The high-quality screen, along with its stylish appearance, makes this laptop ideal not just for use at home but also for use when traveling abroad due to its extended battery life, which I was able to get more than three hours out of before needing to recharge with my power bank.

How to assess if a Surface Pro is worth the money?

Surface Pro tablets from Microsoft are an excellent investment for anyone who needs to get work done on the go. Because of the high-quality images and fine text on the new Microsoft logo tablet, you can read it without straining your eyes or holding anything else in front of it.

There are thousands of apps available through the Oculus Rift’s App Store, as well as countless others available through the Windows Store, such as the Photos app, which provides users with access to editing tools such as Paintbrush PS4ibu, which allows them to create 3D models right in their own homes.

What is a Surface Pro, and what has changed with Surface 8 Pro?

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a tablet that contains all of the processing capabilities of a PC. Let’s look at some of the new features and modifications in the newest Surface Pro model.

Design of Latest Surface Pro

It’s good that the Surface Pro 8 delivers much-needed design enhancements to the table with it. The most noticeable of these is the new graphite color, which looks stunning.

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However, while it appears like Microsoft has been emphasizing lighter colors for its devices in recent years, the deeper colors shown in this year’s selection are very stunning.

Instead of flat sides with sharp angles, the chassis has been modified with more rounded edges, which appear to be considerably more pleasant to hold for extended periods than the flat sides with sharp angles.

According to Microsoft, the Surface Pro 8’s bezels are also narrower than ever, the last element that distinguishes it as a modern tablet rather than a relic from early 2010.

As a result, it makes the screen appear significantly larger. The device appears more premium than ever before, which is excellent because the gadget is also far more expensive than before.


Microsoft appears to have spent a significant amount of time and effort re-engineering the internal components of the Surface Pro 8, which has enabled the firm to configure the CPU with a greater TDP than previous iterations of the Surface Pro tablet.

When it comes to performance, the Surface Pro 8 is comparable to its bigger brother, the Surface Laptop Studio. In Cinebench, the tablet is just 12 percent slower than the so-called creative workstation, and in GeekBench, it is only 5 percent slower than the workstation.

These results are achieved even though the Surface Pro 8 is half the thickness of the Laptop Studio and weighs almost half as much.

Battery Life

That is a significant amount of juice! According to the average, if a person uses their tablet for more than 16 hours each session, they will need to charge it every other day. This is rather remarkable considering the size and weight of the device (1 pound).

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The Surface Pro 8 is equipped with a Thirteen-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 2880 x 1920 pixels and a refresh rate of 120Hz. The Dolby Vision and Adaptive Color technologies are also included.


Speaking of speakers, they are located beneath the top bezel of the Surface Pro 8. The audio performance on portable devices could be hit or miss, with common thin and flat-sounding recordings. While the audio on the Surface Pro 8 isn’t particularly stunning, it is commendable for a computer of this caliber.

The Surface Pro 8’s audio is crisp and clear if you set the volume down to less than 75% of its maximum setting. Whether the content is provided by a YouTuber chatting from their station or a video game with thunderous explosions and background music remains true.

Not horrible, but not outstanding, is the bass line on this track. When the volume is turned up to the limit, the audio quality diminishes, and everything becomes chaotic. In most cases, keeping the audio volume between 50 and 75 percent is sufficient.

Surface 8 pro Software

One of the most appealing aspects of purchasing any Surface tablet, including the Surface Pro 8, is that you will receive a clean install of Windows 11 free of any bloatware or other software.

It is important to note that Microsoft installs a completely refined version of the operating system; consequently, you will not receive any unpleasant popups or worthless apps that open for no apparent reason unless and until you install them yourself.

Faster processorsKeyboard still sold separately
Fast-refreshing 120Hz screenHigher starting price diminishes entry-level appeal
Modern design with thin bezels and larger (13-inch) displayAccessories and configuration upgrades are pricey
Thunderbolt 4USB-C ports only
Comfortable typing experienceNo more USB Type-A
User-accessible SSDType Cover still sold separately
Superior 1080p webcam 

Wrapping it Up

Overall, the Microsoft Surface Pro is a great tablet equally suited for students and business workers of different backgrounds. There are many useful functions packed into a little container, and the price is well worth it if you need something portable but with a lot of power.

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