Is AWS Certification Difficult?

The AWS Cloud has a plethora of alternatives to select from. The sheer scale of the Infrastructure that Amazon Web Services provides might be intimidating to a first-time user unfamiliar with the platform. The AWS certification program is always evolving, which is why it is critical to keep current. To work as an AWS consultant or system administrator, you must first obtain AWS certification from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A short answer is YES! Even the lower-level AWS certifications might be difficult, but these credentials are quite valuable in the marketplace. To remain in good standing, you must keep your certificates active. This will help your career by giving you experience with the platform.

Many businesses use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud computing. AWS’s vast array of services and capabilities may seem intimidating. Amazon Web Services offers the AWS Certification Exam. Many people believe completing certification exams is difficult; however, this is untrue. This blog will examine the AWS Certification Difficulty and provide tips to help you pass the AWS Certification.

How Difficult Is It to Obtain an AWS Certification?

While evaluating the difficulty of a test will always entail an element of subjective judgment, there are several factors to consider. You can safely assume that the tests become more challenging as you advance up the AWS certification ladder, which you can see here. Everyone has something, with the Cloud practitioner test being the easiest and the professional level examinations being the most difficult.

As Amazon Web Services continues to develop and consolidate its grip over the cloud platform sector, the demand for skilled engineers will rise. Nothing will set you apart from the crowd more than obtaining an AWS certification, regardless of your level of experience.

Any AWS certification’s perceived difficulty is purely relative, and it is determined by your individual AWS knowledge and expertise, not by the certification itself.

Amazon Web Services is the most well-known, widely used, and well-developed cloud computing service provider. It has such a stronghold in the cloud services industry that its competitors are trailing well behind its market share. 

Its market share in Infrastructure as a Service, also known as IaaS, accounts for more than one-third of the overall market share. It also represents a significant increase in market share above the total market shares of its two main rivals, Azure and Google Cloud, combined. This explains the growing demand for amazon web services certification training courses.

AWS is a massive cloud computing platform. It is so vast that there are several certifications available solely to verify understanding of AWS. Learning how to utilize and run Amazon Web Services (AWS) is not a straightforward process. As a result, it is suggested that a candidate enrolls in the AWS Certification Exam. Also Read: Does AWS Require any Coding?

Which AWS certification is the most difficult?

Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP) is the quickest and most easy Amazon Web Services credential to obtain. AWS Cloud Fundamentals is an Entry-Level certification that covers AWS and the cloud fundamentals, and it does not require any prior technical knowledge.

This question is dependent on your learning abilities and your motivation to Study AWS Certifications. Let’s go through the AWS Certifications in more detail:

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– Foundational Level

The Foundational Level of the AWS certification path leads to the Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, which is the first of the three levels. The exam examines the fundamentals and the provided accountability model, invoicing and account administration, and support choices.

Before applying, AWS advises that candidates have six months of AWS experience in any function, including technical, management, sales, buying, and financial roles. That is an excellent predictor of who should take this exam: anyone who played in a game where they covered. Engineers aren’t the only ones.

This test will not be too difficult if you are an IT expert with lots of networking expertise. Although there are just a few new concepts, everything is related to something you are already familiar with. Your curiosity may be piqued by moving up to the Associate level. On the other hand, the goal is to learn the fundamentals first, as evidenced by this Foundational certification.

If you are fresh to AWS, you will need to put in the effort to understand the ins and outs of the platform to succeed. However, if you have any experience with cloud computing and AWS, this will most likely be the easiest certification on our list for you to obtain.

– Associate Level

The Associate certification level, which includes certificates in Solutions Architect, Developer, and SysOps, is the next level of AWS certification. Because there are no prerequisites for Associate exams, this is a viable option.

You should be able to create a study schedule for yourself. Make a portion of your time available for studying. You should use any resources available to you, including videos, labs, practice tests, and, in particular, the AWS white papers. The white papers can become a bit difficult and unreliable, but they are really necessary.

Although the test questions go deeply into minutiae, they are not always clear. Many AWS exam participants have encountered some perplexing questions. Although most of the answer options are technically accurate, there is one that is, shall we say, more correct.

– Professional Level

The Professional level tests are designed to test a considerably greater degree of expertise and insight than the entry-level exams. We are way past the point of starting from the beginning. You must not only understand but also remember how to use Amazon Web Services products and services.

Test takers have reported leaving testing facilities with test injuries due to the beatings they have received. You only have Two Hours and fifty minutes to complete a lengthy exam with a high number of questions. 

Multiple projects are backed by inquiries about detailed technical specifics, resulting in lengthy text grammar walls that are difficult to read. As a result, you’ll receive responses that are all theoretically accurate.

Professional-level examinations are difficult because they need you to assimilate answers and make decisions based on your knowledge and previous experience, which is difficult to do. It is less necessary to be familiar with tools, yet this is still important. AWS Professional certificates certify that you are knowledgeable about how to use tools efficiently.

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– Specialty Level

Compared to Associate and Professional examinations, which are wide and deep, specialty exams are limited but extremely deep. Many people believe these are more difficult than Associate examinations; however, it depends on your previous experience.

Systems are at the heart of the circumstances for Protection, Big Data, and Network Specialty certification, all of which need systemic thinking. You’ll need to go through them as fast as possible if you want to finish the tests on time. Specialty examinations will test your ability to apply your knowledge and expertise to the greatest extent.

In light of the restricted and wide ability set that arrives with any Specialty cert, there isn’t much in promoting review material that speaks to the complexity of any of the three tests, which is understandable. However, based on the research materials provided by Amazon Web Services for this level of cert, there are several things we may anticipate achieving.

The knowledge of routing designs, multi-region strategies, and connectivity techniques required to earn a Networking Specialty cert will come from years of experience. 

In general, those considering taking Specialty examinations do not go into an exam without some preparation. They immediately claim to have prior expertise and understanding in the Specialty test for which they are lying. You will almost certainly need at least 4-5 years of expertise in whichever field you pursue.

To proceed, which certification should You pursue first?

You could have anticipated what we were going to say in this section based on the preceding section. As a result, it should be no surprise that our recommendation is, to begin with, the Foundation Level test.

How to Prepare for Foundational Level AWS Certification?

In this article, we will solely cover the following strategies for passing the AWS Entry Level Certification:

Cloud Practitioner (Foundational Level) Certification is one of the fundamental platforms that deliver Cloud Certifications. The Cloud Practitioner Certification is open to anybody interested in pursuing a career in technology or information technology. 

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is intended for Technicians, Network Administrators, Devs, Sales, Advertising, and IT executives. It is also intended for System Administrators.

Exam Pattern of Foundational Level AWS Certification:

When it comes to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam, there are two primary categories of questions that you will encounter: objective and subjective. The multiple-choice questions offer four possible answers, from which applicants must choose the most appropriate one. 

The other type of inquiry is known as a multiple-response question, in which candidates are required to consider all potential replies to a topic. Beginner-level applicants are more likely to choose the AWS distractor alternatives since they are less difficult and do not result in negative marking if they choose the incorrect answer. You’ll have Ninety minutes to complete the exam if you want to.

Exam Preparation

Candidates who want to achieve a good score must put in significant time and resources in the proper direction. The following are some suggestions for preparing for the exams:

– The study from Exam Books

Those preparing for the Cloud Practitioner Exam should undoubtedly examine the AWS CCP manuals accessible online and in hard copy. These publications provide a more in-depth overview of the fundamental areas in which applicants must concentrate.

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– Get to Know the Topics

When studying for a test, the topic is the crucial aspect of the preparation process that you should pay close attention to. Learn the AWS CCP test objectives, carefully go through them, and then begin your training by going through the recommended study material for every topic area in turn.

– Read AWS White papers.

Because we are aware that white papers are written to teach the audience a specific and exact approach, so we will proceed with caution. Detailed and trustworthy, AWS whitepapers address the fundamentals of cloud computing, 

In the Cloud Practitioner certification test, you will learn the fundamental ideas and facts about Amazon Web Services (AWS). Those with prior knowledge or competence in dealing with the Amazon Web Services cloud platform can successfully pass the test through self-study. Candidates who have difficulty grasping the principles and ideas of AWS cloud computing might consider taking online courses.

– Take Practice Tests

It is the most effective approach to evaluate your readiness for a certification exam and test your knowledge to take practice tests. It would be best to take the Cloud Practitioner to practice test to get high results on your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. These exams are prepared in a manner that closely mimics the exam objectives structure and topics in terms of format and substance.

– Take Online Video Training

The use of online video-based training is a fantastic tool. Several excellent online courses available for AWS certification let you sit back and absorb the information. The advantage of video is that you have access to a skilled and knowledgeable teacher who can assist you in navigating the technology and pointing out important ideas to help you pass the examination.

There are many different types of courses, ranging from death by presentation to extremely lab-focused, where the difficulty with using them in solitude resides. The strong courses on the material can be quite dry and tiresome, while the more practical courses will be low on substance and will not prepare you in any way for passing the examination.

Apply Elimination Process

A multiple-choice format will be used to answer the test questions. In many cases, more than one of them will be technically accurate, but only one will be the most appropriate response to the question in question. The applicant should refrain from comparing the answers until after utilizing the elimination technique to remove some apparent wrong responses.

Our Verdict

Indeed, preparing for AWS tests is not easy; it is not as difficult as many people believe it to be. What you require is the appropriate combination of resources and training. Begin by learning the fundamentals and working your way up from there. You are not required to complete all of the subjects in a single sitting; instead, take your time and complete your preparation, and we are confident that you will be able to pass the examinations.

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