How do I become an IT support: The Ultimate Guide

IT support professionals troubleshoot computer hardware and software issues. They assist computer users via online platforms, the phone, or in person. If you are interested in information technology and have strong problem-solving abilities, this might be the job for you.

To become an IT Support, you typically require an associate’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline. However, an applicant with only a high school certificate who displays excellent communication, problem-solving, and analytical abilities may be given on-the-job training.

Most organizations demand four-year bachelor’s degrees in computer science or information technology for IT support experts. A certificate or associate’s degree is sometimes adequate, but a bachelor’s degree is advised to optimize career opportunities.

What Is the Role of an Information Technology Support?

Although many IT support professionals work as full-time workers in companies that use computer systems, others work for computer makers and suppliers, providing Internet-based support services. 

Technicians undertake the following duties, regardless of their work environment:

  • Contacting customers to learn more about computer problems
  • Identifying flaws and developing remedies
  • Client explanation of solutions
  • Installing extraneous hardware such as scanners and printers
  • Keeping track of computer problems, their causes, and remedies
  • Educating newly certified technicians

How can you Become An IT Support Specialist?

When investigating how to become an information technology/support technician, choosing the proper major is always crucial. When we looked into the most frequent majors for an information technology/support technician, we discovered that they often acquire bachelor’s or associate’s degrees.

We’ve created a list of the most crucial skills that will assist you in becoming an information technology support expert. The top talents were rated based on the percentage of information technology/support technician resumes that included them. 

For example, customer service was listed as a talent on 8.9 percent of information technology/support technician resumes. Let’s look at the skills that an information technology/support technician requires to succeed in the job.

  • Customer Service
  • Hardware
  • Active Directory
  • Computer System
  • Laptops
  • End-User
  • Setup
  • Technical Support
  • Desk Support
  • Access Points
  • Phone Calls
  • Windows
  • User Accounts
  • Network Security

Customer Support:

Customer service is the process of assisting all existing and future customers by answering inquiries, resolving problems, and delivering exceptional service. The primary objective of customer service is to develop strong relationships with customers to return for more business.

The following is an example of how Customer Service is utilized in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Provide outstanding customer care to clients by completing all essential electronic maintenance and referring any recommendations as needed or upon request.
  • Maintaining the most significant levels of respect, discretion, and professionalism, I constantly provided an exceptional customer service experience.
  • Maintain customer Service Level Agreements by implementing proactive issue detection and reporting through the Remedy ticketing system.
  • Provide excellent customer service via oral and written communication skills, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.


Troubleshooting is the process of diagnosing and resolving any type of problem in a system or machine. Troubleshooting is the process of searching the system in detail yet quickly for the root cause of an issue and resolving it.

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Here’s an example of how Troubleshoot is utilized in IT/Support Technician jobs:

  • With Windows-based computer systems, you will be responsible for server maintenance, troubleshooting technical issues, and operating system management.
  • Interacted with administrators and end-users to troubleshoot and resolve hardware/software issues.
  • Remote access/diagnostics were used to troubleshoot and resolve desktop application difficulties.


Here are some examples of how Email is utilized in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • To efficiently address difficulties, I worked cooperatively with instructors and educators at the executive level, communicating via email and ZenDesk.
  • Managed troubleshooting in various configuration areas, including network connectivity, Windows installation, and client email.
  • General administrative tasks included password resets, adding/changing/removing users from Active Directory, and managing email accounts.


The actual component attached to a computer or other comparable equipment is referred to as hardware. RAM, hard drives, motherboards, and other internal elements of hardware are examples of components. 

Peripherals are external hardware devices such as a keyboard, mouse, printer, and so on. All of these things are referred to as computer hardware.

Here are some examples of how hardware is utilized in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • In a Windows-based environment, provide hardware and software assistance, including installation, configuration, desktop/notebook configuration, and issue resolution.
  • Inventory is kept up to date: Maintained hardware and software licensing inventories for assigned dealership systems, as well as hardware maintenance data.
  • Installed and supported new reconditioned desktop and laptop hardware and software.

Active Directory

Active Directory is a Microsoft technology that is used to manage computers on other people’s networks. The majority of Windows server operating systems have an active directory. Active Directory aids in the organization of computer users or corporate users. 

The IT department is in charge of Active Directory management since it aids in the organization of the company’s hierarchy, which machines utilize which network, and which users have access to the storage room.

The following is an example of how Active Directory is utilized in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Administered desktop/server assets and users on an active directory domain, ensuring that all assets followed patch management rules and procedures.
  • Group Policy Management and Active Directory were used to quickly protect, establish standards, and manage users/computers throughout the Windows system.
  • Participate in entire systems maintenance operations such as upgrading Active Directory/Administrative Tools, Exchange Server, and Inventory Management.

Computer System

The following is an example of how a computer system is utilized in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Based on the configuration services being done and the instructions provided, adhere to the customer’s computer system hardware and software standards.
  • Telephone technical assistance for attorneys and employees using laptop computer systems, software, and hardware Office/Outlook/Word/Excel/PowerPoint.
  • Coordination and linking of computer systems inside an organization to improve interoperability and information sharing.


A laptop is a compact and portable personal computer with all of the essential features and peripherals of a desktop computer, such as a display screen, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and storage device.

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Here are some examples of how laptops are utilized in information technology/support technician jobs:

  • Maintained and inventoried University-owned laptop computers for student and faculty usage.
  • For laptops and portable devices, I used excellent diagnostic methods and troubleshooting approaches.
  • To satisfy company requirements, I configured and maintained new workstations and laptops.


End-User is used in the following ways in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Remote troubleshooting was used and deployed for remote end-users experiencing configuration difficulties.
  • Helped with any communication between servers and end-users regarding program installations/updates/conflicts.
  • All end users’ software and operational apps were installed and configured.
  • Using the remedy ticketing system, I logged and tracked end-user tickets.


A setup is the arranging of something. In computer terms, setup refers to the installation of hardware or software. Many computer programs, such as device drivers or plugins, may be included in the setup.

Setup is used in the following ways in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Wireless/network connectivity, Outlook setup, browser connectivity, and system problems have all been resolved.
  • In an enterprise environment, I handled technical troubleshooting. Contributions Selected Apple-Macintosh/Hardware Supported Software And Setup
  • Setup and administration of wireless and cable networks with different applications.
  • Performed Windows software maintenance tune-ups, network setup, and program installation/uninstallation.

Technical Support

Technical support, often known as tech support, refers to the services offered to users by any hardware or software firm. They assist consumers in resolving technical issues with their goods or services. 

Furthermore, tech support personnel monitor, manage and repair IT issues. They are also in charge of troubleshooting network issues and installing and configuring gear and software.

The following is an example of how Technical Support is utilized in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Provide face-to-face technical support to clients that require assistance with information technology difficulties and challenges and perform necessary corrective actions.
  • Provided technical assistance for programming, surveillance, and audio/visual conference settings, as well as automatic door/garage door configurations and event alerts.
  • Maintain corporate productivity and efficiency by providing technical assistance and ensuring the delivery of high-quality services.
  • Provided practical desktop technical assistance in a LAN/WAN environment, regularly resolving issues and seldom escalating them.

Desktop Support

The following is an example of how Desk Support is utilized in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting were performed, and help desk tickets/resolutions were logged using the HP Manager ticketing system.
  • Maintained Help Desk-specific software and aided with procedure refinement.
  • Makeup and document troubleshooting methods for help desk staff.
  • Responded to incoming important Help Desk calls and monitored email or other incident reporting systems to provide Tier 2 support.

Access Points

An access point is equipment that creates a wireless local area network, often known as a WLAN. An access point connects to a router, switch, or hub through an Ethernet connection and broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal to a specified place. 

For example, if you want an internet connection in a room, but there is no router in range, an access point may be placed, and an ethernet cable can be run through the ceiling to create a network.

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Here are some examples of how Access Points are utilized in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Installed wireless access points, advised on hardware and software upgrades, and established and maintained a LAN with security/rights/privileges.
  • Expertise in configuring wireless routers/devices/access points on the LAN across various corporate sites.
  • Created a file folder structure, a backup procedure, an archive/digitization procedure, and remote access.

Phone Calls

A phone call is a wireless or wired link between two individuals made by a telephone or a mobile phone. A phone call involves two parties: the caller and the receiver. When a caller dials the person he wants to contact, the recipient hears a bell or a song and answers the phone. 

The call creates a link between them, allowing them to converse. The voice is transformed into signals, which are then transferred via wired or wireless technologies.

Phone Calls are utilized in the following ways in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Answer phone calls about any network or information technology-related issue.
  • Issues were tracked in the ticketing system; tickets were created and resolved through Help Desk phone calls, emails, and user walk-ins.
  • Provide end-user help on various topics; troubleshoot technical difficulties by responding to phone calls and emails.
  • Respond to direct phone calls, emails, and electronic help desk tickets for service needs.


Microsoft’s Windows is a series of operating systems that control a computer. Every version of Windows has a graphical user interface (GUI) with a desktop that allows the user to open files.

Here are some examples of how Windows is utilized in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Within a security-limited computing environment, I created Windows XP builds and incorporated third-party software.
  • Completed all Quality Assurance documents and performed Windows and MAC deployment processes.
  • System administration of a Windows server and user desktop assistance was provided.

User Accounts

User Accounts are used in the following ways in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Performed network administration tasks such as creating network user accounts and permissions, resetting passwords, and administering group rules using Active Directory.
  • Managed user accounts and profiles in an Active Directory system in collaboration with a network administrator.
  • Provide administrative network printer functionality, including the setup and updating of printer user accounts.

Network Security

The following is an example of how Network Security is utilized in Information Technology/Support Technician jobs:

  • Maintain network security by ensuring that all equipment was equipped with up-to-date anti-virus software and that firewalls and routers were appropriately secured.
  • Assist in the development, execution, and maintenance of property infrastructure and the installation of network security, and the supervision of administration/maintenance servers.

What is the Average Salary for an IT Support Specialist?

The average annual salary for ab IT support professional is $61,966. That works out to $29.79 per hour! Those in the bottom 10%, such as entry-level occupations, earn less than $41,000 per year. Meanwhile, the wealthiest 10% of earners earn an average of $91,000 each year.

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