Is MacKeeper suitable for your Mac?

MacKeeper provides various protection, privacy, and optimization capabilities for Macs, all included under an interface that is straightforward and highly user-friendly. Its antivirus engine is excellent at identifying malware, and its real-time protection guarantees your device is always protected from new threats. Both of these features work together to keep your device safe.

MacKeeper is an excellent antivirus application for Mac OS X that includes a wide variety of protection and performance-enhancing features. A VPN, dark web surveillance, and an ad blocker are all included, and they all effectively keep you safe as you browse the internet with them.

When it comes to software for cleaning and protecting your Mac, there are a lot of different alternatives available, so it might not be easy to choose the one that is best for you. Although MacKeeper is one of the most popular solutions, does it indicate that it is also the best option? Please take a look at what MacKeeper has to offer and whether or not you should spend your money on it.

MacKeeper: Is it worth the money?

In a nutshell, yes, MacKeeper is beneficial to your computer. It’s an all-in-one tool for decluttering your computer, freeing up disk space, and safeguarding your online identity.

MacKeeper is a program that makes it easier to keep your Mac organized. You may use it to improve your computer’s performance, such as:

  • A tool for cleaning out your computer’s hard drive of unnecessary files and programs.
  • A tool that can help you clean up your hard disk by identifying and removing duplicate files.
  • Shows where your hard drive’s storage capacity is being used.
  • A privacy guard that can assist you in safeguarding your private information.

Also included are an uninstaller, an App Store optimizer, and a system health monitor, all of which may help keep your Mac running smoothly.

It’s safe to say that MacKeeper is a must-have for any Mac owner. Using this tool, you don’t have much money or effort to keep your equipment in good condition.

Overview of MacKeeper

Macs, as we’ve all heard, are excellent machines. Powerful, beautiful to look at, and they seem to function. However, like any other computer, they might eventually have performance issues and malfunctions. MacKeeper comes in very handy in this situation.

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With the help of MacKeeper, you can supposedly speed up your computer and cure any issues it has. What’s more, is it worth the effort? Consider some of the advantages and disadvantages.


  • MacKeeper can help you speed up your Mac by removing unnecessary files and improving your system preferences and configuration.
  • Additionally, it can assist you in a Mac breakdown or issue.
  • Using MacKeeper is a breeze and comes packed with many valuable tools.


  • MacKeeper has been known to cause performance issues for some users.
  • Even if you only utilize some capabilities, the price tag may quickly mount.

MacKeeper security features:

When it comes to security, MacKeeper has a lot to offer. For the most part, the system and your data will be protected by it. That is to say; you may check your device for viruses whenever you choose and keep tabs on any data breaches in your online profiles.

1. System scans.

MacKeeper has added a Find & Fix function to its software. Virus, security, and performance issues may all be found and removed with a single click of the mouse with this app.

It might be a valuable tool for evaluating your overall security measures. In the event of a threat, you can take immediate action to eliminate it.

2. Virus scanning software.

To find any hazardous data, malware, or viruses on your computer with the help of the Antivirus scanner, utilize it. It’s located in the “Antivirus” section of the app.

Because of this, there is no option to do a rapid scan. However, you may still perform a custom scan and choose which files to scan. Alternatively, you may run a comprehensive scan of your Mac to look for malware in every nook and cranny.

MacKeeper doesn’t tell you how many files were scanned. Thus you never know if your entire system was inspected. This is a big problem.

3. Update tracker.

The security of a program is improved with each application update; thus, updating all of your programs is critical. Using the Update tracker ensures that none of your apps have security flaws that hackers might exploit in the future.

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That MacKeeper checks for new updates five times a day is terrific. Once an old program is discovered, it may be updated with a single mouse click.

4. Scanner for login items.

You may want to examine what other apps are running on your Mac if the startup takes a long time. The Login Item Scanner lets you control which programs launch after your Mac is turned on.

In addition, you can use this function to detect potentially harmful programs and limit the number of apps that start up at startup.

There are occasions when malware you didn’t realize existed on your Mac and (obviously) didn’t want to execute in the background gets discovered. Viruses and other malicious applications might be attached to apps you have obtained from unauthorized sources. Stopping them might thus save your life.

5. ID theft guard.

Online identity theft may leave you with stolen personal information or money before you know it. ID theft guard, on the other hand, alerts you to potential data breaches before they have a chance to hurt you.

It safeguards your email and password information and your payment card information. In addition, your private information is constantly checked and alerted to you if it is compromised.

6. Private connect (VPN).

Knowing you’re being watched and monitored is never a pleasant feeling. A significant step toward enhancing your online privacy is taking advantage of a VPN installed as part of your operating system. Consequently, no one will know your penchant for watching cat videos.

The AES-256 encryption used by MacKeeper’s VPN is the strongest available, as well as WebRTC and DNS leak prevention. In addition, you may select from more than 300 servers in 50 countries, some of which are geared for P2P file sharing.

Is it safe to use MacKeeper?

Historically, it was common knowledge that MacKeeper was connected to the infamous “Your Mac is infected” notifications. Even though the corporation has distanced itself from these techniques, the safe status of MacKeeper is still up for debate.

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For instance, Malwarebytes classifies MacKeeper as a PUP, meaning “potentially undesirable application.” On the other hand, the MacKeeper website claims that the software has its anti-malware lab where researchers investigate “new and undiscovered dangers impacting Mac.”

If you are unsure whether using MacKeeper on your Mac is risk-free, you may want to look into some of the more well-known alternatives available.

How much does it cost to use MacKeeper?

A selection of options available to users regarding MacKeeper’s price and plans: to begin, you have the opportunity to utilize the program at no cost. Still, it will only allow you to do a “Find and Fix” operation.

However, you will need to pay for a premium account to use tools such as Memory Cleaner or the inbuilt VPN, in addition to other functions.

Regrettably, MacKeeper does not provide a trial version of its software. Before upgrading to the premium edition, you will only have one chance to clean your device or remove garbage such as applications.

The encouraging news is that:

Every one of the company’s programs comes with a money-back guarantee lasting fourteen days. If you have used the product for more than 14 days, you may be eligible for a prorated refund based on the number of days you have used it.

Let’s have a look now at the many price tiers and programs that MacKeeper offers:

  • Pricing for the MacKeeper basic plan begins at $10.95 per month for the One Month Plan. This plan is invoiced every month and lasts for one month.
  • Plan for Twelve Months: This plan is invoiced yearly and has a starting price of $5.22 per month.

Bottom Line

Overall, MacKeeper is a solid piece of software that comes packed with a ton of unique features. It protects your privacy, keeps your Mac secure, and cleans up extra space, going above and beyond the capabilities of standard antivirus software.

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