What Are The Benefits Of Intune?

The Microsoft Cloud platform now hosts hundreds of businesses, and we’ve seen that many of them are unaware of the numerous benefits and opportunities that come with integrating Microsoft Cloud. For example, Microsoft provides a contemporary device management solution, which is Microsoft Intune technology.

The following are some of the key advantages of Microsoft Intune: a desktop and mobile device management platform to assist organizations in providing employees access to business data, resources, and apps of their choosing while protecting company information.

Microsoft has found a solution to the difficulties that arise from today’s vast information technology networks. Workers are working on their own devices and seeking to access business data from wherever they happen to be. This article will examine the advantages of Microsoft Intune to offer you a better knowledge of how to make the most of this technology.

What are the advantages of utilizing Intune software?

Thanks to Microsoft Intune technology, user productivity is maximized when they work on devices and apps of their choosing. This contemporary device management solution protects personal data while providing the most productive environment for users. 

With the most flexible management over any Windows, Apple, or Android device, you can ensure that all company-owned and bring-your-own devices are properly maintained and kept up to date.

Microsoft Intune Benefits

These Eight Microsoft Intune capabilities provide significant advantages to businesses of any size:

1. Transitioning to the cloud will be less difficult

Microsoft has stated that it would not compel enterprises to make the switch to Intune; given that Intune runs on cloud technology, you do have the option of using a mobile device in conjunction with the platform.

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For organizations wanting to transition away from on-premises servers, this is a wonderful method of accomplishing that objective. 

In addition, the cloud architecture is expandable and up to date at all times. Furthermore, knowing that your organization is under the protection of Intune will provide you greater peace of mind than ever before. Consequently, your workers will have continual, secure access to company resources, regardless of where they are located at any given time.

2. Get the most out of your Windows experience

Aligning your PC environment delivers a better experience for your employees while also making it easy to manage your environment. You have the option of upgrading to the Windows Enterprise operating system or continuing to use a previous version. 

Windows Enterprise provides your workers with the greatest Windows experience possible, thanks to its simple interface and sophisticated search features, as well as disc encryption to better secure, confidential data on your network. 

3. Structure of licensing that is adaptable

Even if there are infinite wonderful features to fawn over, the cost of a subscription will still be a key factor in determining whether or not a firm subscribes. Rather than making things more complicated for consumers, Microsoft provides a very cost-effective option to obtain Intune for your organization. 

It is available as part of the Enterprise Mobility Suite, which you may purchase separately. With per-user licensing, you won’t have to worry about additional expenses or keeping track of how many devices are being used.

As long as your membership is valid, you will also get update rights to the most recent version of the Windows operating system, which means you won’t have to worry about purchasing additional upgrade licenses down the road.

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4. Improved Application Management

Manage data access by defining app guidelines and providing employees with a similar office user experience while maintaining control.

Using Intune, you can keep your data safe from being lost or stolen. How? Local data in a well-managed application must be encrypted, with only copy and paste across managed applications and only ‘save as’ to secure places permitted.

It is identity-driven security, which means that workers may use the same app to access both their work and personal accounts. It is possible to delete corporate data and identification without affecting the personal information or applications of users.

5. Maintain Your PCs

Manage the distribution of Microsoft updates to all working PCs from a central location. You may choose which updates you wish to distribute across your PCs to help keep them working smoothly by using the web-based interface to make your selection.

6. Manage several client accounts from a single view

Suppose you are a service provider or an IT advisor that uses Windows Intune to manage your clients’ PCs. In that case, the Multi-Account Dashboard consolidates all of your customers’ accounts into a single view to assist you in staying on top of their demands.

7. Better IT Experience

Microsoft Intune does a lot to improve the efficiency of your IT team’s operations. Using software distribution across all enrolled devices, for example, it is no longer necessary to deal with each particular device one at a time.

This enables IT to simply oversee software and app upgrades, ensuring that all users have the most up-to-date software and apps. Additionally, the administration of the Office implies that you will have the required control without the requirement for a containerization application. 

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IT can also keep track of licenses and gather information on device setups and software installs, among other things. Overall, this will result in increased efficiency in information technology operations, which will transfer into a more positive working environment.\

8. A cloud that you can rely on

With the Microsoft System Center family of products, Microsoft has established itself as a leader in IT infrastructure solutions, and we drew on that expertise while building Windows Intune. Intune uses the Windows Update infrastructure, one of the world’s largest cloud services, and which distributes updates to hundreds of millions of PCs every month, according to Microsoft.

Furthermore, with a financially supported service level agreement that guarantees 99.9 percent planned uptime as well as best-in-class assistance available around the clock, you can be confident that the service will be available when you need it.


In today’s flexible work environments, Windows Intune eliminates obstacles to access and productivity. Additionally, increased data security for remote employees makes it a must for businesses subject to tough compliance standards. 

Finally, with your network virtually stretched throughout the Internet, the possibility of expanding your company activities into new places becomes infinite.

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