Are Dell Laptops Any Good?

Are Dell Laptops Any Good

If you had to draw up a list of the best laptop makers currently on the market, you would have a hard time overlooking the devices produced by Dell.

Laptop makers continuously flood the market with powerful devices and, despite this, Dell has repeatedly kept itself at the forefront of every laptop segment. The company achieves this by not only catering to every laptop market but also ensuring that the devices it offers consumers are the most outstanding in both performances as well as design.

By simply showcasing some of its leading laptops, this post will convince any skeptic of Dell’s undeniable dominance in the laptop-making space.

What makes Dell laptops so good?

Dell is one of the largest technology organizations in the world and has been making computers dating back to 1984. They are known to provide high quality and long term computers for their clients and customers.

There are so many different types of variations when it comes to dell laptops so understanding which ones are better really depends on the reasoning for purchasing. For example, there are dell laptops for enterprise environments, gaming, and leisure. Understanding which bracket you fit into will help immensely.

We can take it further step where we can look at the cheapest dell laptops in comparison to the ones that are expensive. if you’re planning to use the laptop for gaming then you’ll need higher specs especially with CPU and memory which in turn will cost you a bit more money.

If you’re using the Dell laptop just to do college/university homework then you can easily cut your cost in half, and if you’re really smart you can leverage Onedrive/Google storage to sync all of your files and folders to the cloud leaving no storage space on your machine.

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Below are different types of dell laptops that might be of interest:

Dell Inspiron 14 5000

This happens to be a gem from Dell with a fair offering price and the most considerate specs for its intended users. Aimed at college students, the Inspiron 14 5000 houses a 128 GB SSD while others in its price range offer half the storage. It is powered by a Core i3 processor and 4 GB DDR4 RAM, ideal for helping learners forge through their studies like a knife through butter.

Dell ensured that this device’s 14-inch display was comfortable to read out of by adding a useful anti-glare feature. The keyboard is even equipped with backlighting, excellent for ensuring you see your keys even while typing in the dark. Also rare for its price range is its stamina, as the Inspiron 14 5000 can easily withstand a 9-hour workday from a full charge.

Dell Alienware M15 R4

For those in search of a more fixed-rate powerhouse machine, Dell ranks at the top of its class with its Alienware M15 R4 – an exceptional gaming laptop that packs a punch while remaining an absolute stunner to observe and use.

Granted, this laptop might not be the lightest around, but machines in the gaming and video editing segment rarely are. This aside, Dell ensured that the Alienware M15 R4 blows all other competitors out the water in both performance and design.

Dell XPS 2in1 9310

The XPS range has remained at top of the laptop market since its inception. Bringing up the XPS 9310 alone is enough to end any dispute against Dell’s inferiority as a laptop maker.

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It is a compact and performance-intensive 2-in-1 machine with outstanding battery life. It features the latest Intel 11th gen processors, an outrageous 32GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD that can be expanded if the user wishes.

Dell also has this 14.4-inch laptop with a 4K screen that showcases its content with excellent detail and rich colors. As icing on the cake, the device can last up to 14 on a single charge and up to 8 hours in full 4K. Dell was clearly aiming to run away with the market with a productivity tool as effective as the XPS 2-in-1 9310.

Whether it be productivity, gaming, or business, Dell houses plenty of laptops that are not only high-end but unique in the way they cater to consumers.

Are Dell laptops good for gaming?

Gaming laptops are so important to get right before you go ahead and purchase a laptop. There are always a few things you need to check. One of the main things I really like about Dell is the ability to customize the laptop before you go ahead and purchase it.

  • Intel of i5/i7 with around 8-16GB VRAM
  • 8-12GB Ram
  • RAM –
  • Storage – large Storage state drive minimum 256GB or even 512GB if you can hands on one. HDD of 1TB would be amazing.

The higher you can get on this specification the better for you and whether your budget permits.

Why are Dell laptops so overpriced?

Dell laptops are not really overpriced, it all depends on the specs that you go after which may make it expensive. The best thing to do every time is to decide how much CPU/RAM/Storage you actually need.

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The best way to find this information out is by checking your current laptop and seeing how much storage you’re using. Alternatively, if you’re looking to use this for work/college then the cheaper it will get as you’ll require less ram and storage.

Another reason why the laptops are overpriced is because of the brand itself. If you were to go for something like HP then this would be significantly cheaper. Usually, the electronics associated with the device itself is the same with Sometimes it is to do with the featured installed on the machine.

Are Dell better than Mac laptops?

Dell and Mac laptops are unique in different ways and offer two completely different experiences to their users. Looking at something very simple and straightforward with great customer service then Apple might be the choice for you. However, if you’re looking for something more powerful with Windows OS because it is something you’ve been used to then make sure to go for Dell.

There are many other advantages with Macs and Windows especially with speed which I’ve spoken on this topic at length (interesting read). Both Dell and Mac laptops are amazing in their own special way and both good as each other. However, this all depends on the use case and going back to the original question on the reason for purchasing the laptop.

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