Are Macs Popular? This is The Reason Why!

Macs have been around for a long period of time and have been very popular among the public and what some would say addicted to all Apple products.

Macs have been popular in recent years, however, this popularity amplified and increasingly significant since the introduction of the Apple M1 chip within MacBook Pros and Airs. It has been reported that almost 28% of Apple shipments grew which is around 29 million macs.

Even though macs have increased significantly it is important to understand what some of these reasons are – is it because of speed, ease of use, customization, lack of issues, or is there more to the story. Stay tuned so we can demystify some of these reasons.

Macs have been the market leader for years but they have simultaneously increased their popularity by coming up with new products, features, and even their own M1 chip moving away from the known intel and AMD processors in order to bring everything in house.

Apple has increased its popularity mainly because of creating its own hardware and software products. They have also most recently moved away from third-party companies by creating their own M1 chip to really make themselves independent.

Even if they make their own property, are their quality really good though? Indeed, Macs specifically are more reliable and generally last longer than other machines. Looking at the reviews and feedback from their customers, it is higher than that of any other competitor they face.

Without putting down Windows (even though they have their own advantages over Macs), it is almost very rare to solve any technical issues that you’ll have to keep restarting your device just for a specific application like outlook will work.

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Are Macs worth it then?

As it has been mentioned previously macs are much more expensive than most PCs and laptops for several reasons. When you look at what a Mac can offer you, you’ll soon realize that the ROI is much greater than that of what you invested.

so what are some benefits that macs can potentially offer me:

  • It is evident that Macs are considerably more expensive than other vendors, however, they are worth the price when you look at the security that Apple provides.
  • Macs are consistently updated whether that is incremental updates or 1-2 big updates per year. These range from software updates that make them more computable, to bug fixes and patches to make the device more secure or vulnerable.
  • My longest Mac/MacBook has been with me for over 12 years and has no issues yet).

When it comes to Mac’s generally speaking there is almost always higher quality in relation to the components inside of the device.

Its’ also known that the individuals that go transition to Mac never go back. This absolutely true because of the simplicity that Macs offer its customers. Windows can be very confusing and uneasy for non-technical people.

There are several reasons why Macs are popular in our day and age. One of the predominant reasons is that Apple designs its own hardware and software. This ultimately provides them with the power and decision to create and update their own operating systems as well as provide bespoke applications to their customers.

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Other reasons would include the idea that Apple is a great device and performs very well. You’ll rarely restart your device if you’re having issues unlike Windows devices with any little issue you’ll need to restart. It is also well known that Apple Macs are one of the most reliable systems to use and even more when transitioning to M1 chips.

Mac’s has been popular for the last decade and is only increasing with that popularity each day. if you ask about recent purchases of apple products the reasoning as to why they are purchasing Mac, is usually a growing frustration with Windows PCs and some of the complications that it comes with.

They have an excellent support function to answer all of the queries or issues it’s just like having an on-demand IT support specialist.

In the early 1980s, Apple II became one of the most popular computers, and ever since that time the trend slowly increased and developed whilst Apple was creating new features and coming up with new products and services.

With regard to desktop operating systems (OS), there is no doubt that Windows is dominating from a worldwide standpoint as of February 2022.

Apple’s operating systems have gained strong popularity over the years and had a big share of the market; however, they seem to have a small place when it comes to desktop operating systems. It has been recorded that Microsoft windows have a 74% market share.

Why are Macs so expensive?

In short, Macs can be expensive for some people depending on their financial situation. When a brand is well known they are always going to be more expensive than budget brands. Apple is a well-known brand worldwide whilst at the same time delivering excellent products to its consumers.

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 You really do get your value for money. Buying a Mac/MacBook can last years to come (same as my Apple devices), if for whatever reason the device breaks out of your control such as software, battery, and the like, Apple will examine and try to fix the issue or replace the laptop entirely.

It is also well known that the lifespan can be anywhere between 6-7 and even up to 10 years without it being outdated by the rest of the market! Which is the primary reason why they have such a high retail price.


Apple Macs have increased in their popularity over the years and are now one of the most sought-after technologies. The interface of a Mac makes the ease of use much simpler and easier for Apple’s wider audience and therefore the user experience much better.

One of the key selling points for Macs is the ease of integrating with all other Apple devices such as Macbooks, Airpods, Apple Watch, iPads, and much more. This makes it so much easier for the user because they can easily sync their documents, photos, and other important items to the other devices they use.

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