Is Microsoft 365 worth it?

Unlike Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and a suite of other apps, Microsoft 365 is more than just an app: it is used by over a million people throughout the world and helps people pursue their passion and run their businesses. Additionally, the subscription plan has many benefits for all users who want to have a host of apps and services in one place. 

Microsoft 365 is a worth buying subscription service as it brings together the best up-to-date productivity apps with advanced security features, device management, and powerful cloud services. Its low ownership cost, versatile device compatibility, and multiple sign-in options also make it worth buying. 

What’s more about it? These further details about Microsoft 365 will help you decide for its buying even better. 

What is Microsoft 365, and why is it used?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service that replaces the former Office 365 in its advancements. It comes with a suite of apps like Excel, Outlook, Access, Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, and many others that you can use on any of your devices (phones, desktops, tablets, and laptops, etc.) 

The Microsoft 365 subscription plan sets monthly or yearly fees and allows you multiple sign-ins with convenient use unless you pay for the plan on time. Also, it provides all the services at an extremely low cost of ownership. However, it limits the use to only five devices at a time. 

The most obvious reasons why people use Microsoft office 365 are: 

  1. It is the most advanced subscription plan in its features. 
  2. It provides a suite of apps at one convenient place. 
  3. It is extremely secure to use. 
  4. It is easy to maintain: the installed apps in the device automatically receive maintenance and security updates, new features, and improvements. 
  5. It can be easily installed on any of the devices available. 

Microsoft 365 Vs. Office 365: What’s the difference?  

Both Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are subscription plans with multiple advanced and helpful features. However, Microsoft 365 is a changed/upgraded name for Office 365 that provides you all the apps and services of Office 365 under a new name but has many more advancements and new features.  

Here’s everything that you need to know about both subscription plans: 

Office 365

When there comes a discussion about business productivity, Office 365 is seen leading the race. It is a cloud-based suite of services and apps that primarily promote business productivity. It includes the most helpful apps like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Microsoft Outlook. 

Entirely depending upon the subscription plan you buy, Office 365 also provides you with a host of other apps and services like: 

  • OneDrive 
  • Planner
  • Yammer 
  • SharePoint 
  • Teams 
  • Skype for Business 

What’s Best in Office 365?

Most probably, the best thing about Office 365 is that it comes with a variety of plans to choose from, depending upon your personal needs and preference. Also, it comes along with robust productivity, security features, and collaboration.

Additionally, it keeps you at the ease of changing the plans based on the changes in need of your business at any time in the future. 

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a new and upgraded version of the Office 365 subscription plan. Even though it provides all the apps and services of Office 365, but unlike Office 365, it has a lot more for its customers. 

Like Office 365, you get an option to choose from among multiple plans depending upon your needs. However, Microsoft 365, being an advanced subscription plan, also includes machine learning, Windows 10 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Moreover, its services are also available as separate licenses. 

The change in the name from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 occurred on April 21, 2020, representing Microsoft’s strategy to provide a single complete productivity platform for its customers. 

Why Buy Microsoft 365? Pros of Buying Microsoft 365 Subscription Plan

Whether used for business purposes or any other, Microsoft 365 has many helpful features that make it worth buying for everyone. Here are some of its most advanced and amazing features that you need to know for finalizing your choice for buying the subscription plan. 

Microsoft Business Standard and Premium license subscriptions

Microsoft 365 plan includes Microsoft Business Standard and Business Premium license subscriptions that include all the Microsoft office 365 familiar apps. In addition, it also includes Enterprise licenses as E3 and E5 plans that offer you Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance and Microsoft 365 E5 Security. 

This is one of the top benefits of Microsoft 365 as it provides you multiple apps, subscription plans, and licenses on one platform to choose from, depending upon your need and preferences.

Microsoft Teams 

Along with providing hundreds of other amazing apps, the provision of Microsoft Teams by Microsoft 365 is one of the most important components. Anyone needing the revolutionized communication apart from email towards virtual meetings and messaging can use this incredible Microsoft app. 

One of the top advantages of Teams is that it integrates with many 3rd party apps and is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365 apps. 

Multiple device compatibility 

Unlike most other subscription plans apps, Microsoft 365 apps are compatible with all the devices available to the customers. You can access all the latest business software from any device all the time from anywhere in the world. Also, it allows you to collaborate, communicate, and access files from anywhere, making its use convenient and easier than ever. 

Moreover, Microsoft 365 allows eliminating any paperwork with teams, SharePoint, and Microsoft Forms for business people. The Power Automate maximizes the benefits of Microsoft 365. 

Added Management and Security benefits 

Ever wondered why Microsoft 365 has won the heart of millions of people around the globe? If yes, here’s your answer. 

  1. Microsoft 365 is a world-leading software that comes with an advanced Security Center that allows you to manage and monitor the security all in one place. 
  2. When used in organizations, it reassures them about their empowerment over the efficient working of their employees who are using the latest business software. 
  3. Also, it keeps organizations at ease with the security and protection of their most important data. 
  4. To improve the employees’ work efficiency within the organization, Microsoft 365 provides them all a smart insight into Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and all other apps. 
  5. The cloud portal of Microsoft 365 is an amazing thing to ease all the management features. 
  6. Lastly, along with providing all these benefits, security features keep the business protected from hacker attacks.
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Auto Upgrades

Another most significant advantage of going for a Microsoft 365 subscription plan is that you never have to worry about upgrades ever again. Once you’ve installed the apps from Microsoft 365, they automatically receive improvements, maintenance, and security updates, and all the new features are set up to date as latest versions.

Family Subscription Plan

The Family Subscription Plan of Microsoft 365 allows you to share the amazing service with a maximum of up to five additional users making a total of up to 6 people into one account. This is an easy way to subscribe to the plan as you can share the fee with the members and enjoy unlimited features for the time you have subscribed to the plan. 

Doubling the Storage Capacity

As a leading cloud storage solution, Microsoft Licenses also include OneDrive. It allows you to store all your photos, files, documents, and presentations in one place. Not only this, but it also allows you to access all your stored data from anywhere. 

However, along with this, if your photos, files, videos, and documents exceed a certain prescribed limit, then there’s no need to worry at all: you can increase the storage capacity very easily. Microsoft 365 allows you to have a total of 6TB OneDrive storage (1TB for every shared user); you can increase this storage by buying another 1TB for $9.99 per month.

Note: This offer is applicable for all other subscription plan holders except that of the Family Subscription plan: in that case, only the primary account holder can buy the additional storage if ever needed. 

Low Cost of Ownership

Compared to hundreds of other such software, perhaps Microsoft 365 is the only one that provides you continuous updates at the extremely low cost of ownership.

You can get a “Microsoft 365 Personal” plan for only $70 a year, making almost $7/month. While Microsoft 365 Family” costs you $10/month. This extremely low cost allows you to enjoy access to all the apps of your choice and a 1TB of storage with the latter.

Some Additional Services

Lastly, to inform you, whatever subscription plan you buy of Microsoft 365, the best thing is that you enjoy access to many additional services. These services include managing screen time, sharing location when needed, app and game usage, monitor driving behavior for young drivers, and a lot more.

Some other premium features of Microsoft 365 include:

  1. Writing style, spelling, and grammar checking through various Al-based creative tools and Al assistance.
  2. Provision of Resume Assistance to help you write compelling resumes in Word.
  3. The Money in Excel is there to help you track and organize your household finances.
  4. Complete access to creative content icons like stock photos, fonts, and multiple premium templates to PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.  
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Is Microsoft 365 good for Business? 

Unlike any other user, Microsoft 365 can be incredibly helpful for business organizations for many reasons. With increasing competition in the market, larger companies search for extremely strong and reliable IT infrastructure. They are searching for an IT environment that is not only up-to-datesecure, and highly available but also easy to maintain. 

It is for this reason that Microsoft 365 can be the best choice for the companies. Being an advanced and most up-to-date software, it knows everything its customer’s needs, including the larger business organizations and companies. 


  • Microsoft 365 ensures to provide proactive protection against downtime. 
  • It maintains the systems to ensure their high-performance operations. 
  • Also, it protects the company’s systems against all security vulnerabilities. 

Who Should Buy Microsoft 365? 

Keeping in view all the essential benefits of Microsoft 365, anyone who wants to enjoy access

to a suite of apps, then going for this software is probably the best choice for them. Whether

you need it for business purposes or daily usage, Microsoft has everything to handle

all your needs. 

Neither it asks you a lot of money for buying any subscription plan, nor it has any

complicated apps and services to handle: so from a beginner user to a pro, everyone can buy

and use this amazingly advanced software. 

The best thing is that you get tons of additional services by buying any subscription plans

from Microsoft 365. Including from easy use to user-safety experience, everything is up-to-date

and impressive. 

Can You Use Microsoft 365 for Free?

Microsoft 365, an up-to-date and advanced software that provides you all the premium features, apps, and services in one place, has some of its features that you can use for free. 

Most people prefer using Microsoft for its advanced features that requires paying a certain amount. However, some of its apps are free for a lifetime for students who need to make presentations and do other school-related tasks. These apps include PowerPoint, Word, Excel, One Note, and such. 

All these apps include features and options that every student or school-going person can use for free. The free version of Microsoft 365 allows students: 

  1. To have access to it from anywhere, at any time, and from any device available to them. 
  2. Apps like One Note helps students and teachers alike to organize class material with ease. 
  3. Teams simplify for them class management. 

In short, any school-going person who needs to access Microsoft apps can have the free version of Microsoft 365 for as long as they want. However, besides this, the advanced features are not available in the free version of the software. 

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