What job can I get with a CompTIA A+?

Is CompTIA A+ worth getting

Understanding why you want to get started in technology is where you should start. Do you see yourself in support and working your way up. Or do you want to directly jump into a networking/infrastructure role? I have outlined a few benefits of actually getting certified with the CompTIA A+.

Trusted certification

Taking the CompTIA A + will expand your horizon and ensure that you learn so much and really hit the ground running when you start your role. This will also impress your co-workers and colleagues because of the varied knowledge you have which usually will enhance your career by getting promoted.

Now, personally, I would recommend you to take the certification because it will prove your skillsets and you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate that to your future employers or your current one. This is because CompTIA as an organization is trusted among many employers in the way they teach and also the students they produce. Therefore, being a certified such an organization coupled with the skills you can potentially acquire is very worth it.

Money incentives

By taking the certification or learning the knowledge you can make more money and actually demand it because of the skills acquired. When you get your foot in the door, it will be simple to move to different departments very quickly because setting your foundations in networking, infrastructure, would just be a matter of understanding the types of technologies they use and eventually adapting to them.

Is A+ Certification hard?

Some say it’s hard and some say it isn’t. The best judge is yourself. The most important thing you can do for yourself is jump in and see where it will take you. One thing is for certain, if you give up now you will never know. Learning the skill and taking the course step by step is the biggest thing you can do for yourself.

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Every course and every adventure is difficult at first, but the fewer concepts you have to learn the better, and the next minute you will just understand and just become better at it.

How Do I Get Started

The best way to get started I found is to take step by step. Use an online resource and if necessary an on-site institution. Online is what suited me the best such as CBT Nuggets or ITPro TV which really breaks down everything and sometimes provides you labs to practice in. Not only will you acquire the theory aspects but by actually doing it.

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