Does windows 10 come with Office?

Because of the new “work from home” trend, you may find yourself in need of some fundamental technologies such as Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is a cloud-based service that complements traditional office software by adding new capabilities. However, if you don’t want to spend the money, there are a few methods by which you can obtain the service and its famous applications for free.

Occasionally, there is a promotional offer for office home and student license and an office 365 subscription for one year on some tablets, but that is an offer made by the tablet manufacturer rather than Microsoft. In most cases, no laptop, desktop, or tablet is included with those two offers.

For example, if you require a laptop for Microsoft Office, you won’t have to spend nearly as much money as you would with other portable computers. Even though the Office suite’s general system requirements are minimal, you will still need to purchase a computer with a high-quality display if you plan to spend hours composing and editing documents. Continue reading to learn more about getting Microsoft Office for free with Windows 10 or get Office 365 for free from Microsoft.

Is it possible to get Microsoft Office 365 for free with Windows 10?

After conducting a simple search for any version of Office, you will be presented with a limitless amount of extremely low-cost options that can range from legitimate software to fraudulent volume licenses belonging to a huge organization.

You must be familiar with and trust the reseller because there are many unscrupulous offers, especially when it comes to digital downloads and other electronic media.

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There are some ways to utilize Office 365 without paying for it; it has turned out. Not all solutions apply to everyone, but the following ideas may help some of you get to the point where you can perform at your best.

Versions for educational use

If you have one of the appropriate .edu email addresses, regardless of whether you are a student, a professor, or even an alumnus, you can receive the full Office 365 product at no additional cost. This contains the entire download-and-install programs, as well as an Exchange account, Teams, and other features and functionality.

The trial version

An Office trial edition may be sufficient if you do not want to turn Office into a full-time profession and only need to produce one PowerPoint presentation or one Excel spreadsheet this month, for example.

There are certain disadvantages to taking this strategy. You’ll need to provide Microsoft with your payment card information — and remember to stop the trial before the month is out before you can continue. Your free trial will be converted into a one-year subscription to Office 365 Home version if you do not.

Try out the Evaluation Version for a while

A separate trial for Microsoft business and enterprise users is available, and it includes access to the same Office 365 experience. Another option is to visit the Microsoft Evaluation Center and sign up for their 30-day ProPlus plan, which will provide you with the same benefits as the 30-day Office 365 trial.

Take Advantage of the Free Office 365 Mobile Apps

If you use a smartphone or a tablet, you can download the free mobile edition of Microsoft Office. As we’ve previously stated, these versions are superb implementations of the complete Office apps — albeit with some minor feature limitations — despite being freeware.

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Join a Microsoft 365 Home Plan that multiple people share

Regarding Microsoft 365 Home, you might inquire around to see whether you know anyone already utilizing the service. If you come across a professional or a small business owner who is already a member of the plan, you can approach them about adding you to it.

Enquire with your employer about purchasing it on your behalf

If you believe that the Microsoft Office suite is necessary to complete your work, you can appeal to your employer. The expense can be claimed as a company expense rather than being paid out of pocket by the employee who requests it.

Look for Shared Subscriptions that are on sale

In addition to the Microsoft website, there are several more places where you may sign up for an Office 365 subscription.

It’s possible to locate some discounts for the Office 365 Personal Home plans online if you keep an eye on the deals section of the website. After discounts, you might be able to acquire the Home plan from Amazon for roughly $80 ($20 off).

With the purchase of a new PC, you will receive a free year of Office 365

Yes, this is not the most cost-effective alternative. Still, if you’re considering operating from home or if you’re in search of a computer, you should check for models that include a Microsoft Office 365 subscription as a bonus.

Microsoft Windows laptops that retail for less than $600 and include a free Office 365 Home package that up to six users can share are readily available on the market.

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Alternatives to Microsoft Office that are free

If you require more capabilities than the Office apps provide for free, do not believe in paying for Office 365. There are several entirely free alternatives to Microsoft Office available to you.

LibreOffice is our top suggestion since it is a complete suite that is always being improved and enables you to access and save files in Microsoft formats.

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